Are These 10 Disney Attractions Ready for Mothballs?

10 Rides That May Be Ready For Mothballs?

The recent closures of many attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the rumored additions of a Star Wars Land, Cars Land, and possible expansion of Pixar Place has gotten Disney fans thinking (or renewing their calls) about other rides and attractions that might need to be shuttered for something new. The following list is sure to create some controversy, but ...

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Top 5 Disney Nighttime Shows You Cannot Miss, PLUS Insider Tips!

Wishes - Magic Kingdom

Each visit to Walt Disney World is unique, but there are some things that are SO good, they need to be seen time and time again. For first time visitors, here is a list of 5 nighttime shows that you absolutely MUST experience before you leave, each with an insider tip on how to make it that much better! 5. ...

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8 Tips On What To Do At Disney When It Rains

8 Tips For What To Do At Disney When It Rains

As Christopher Robin would say, “Tut Tut, it looks like rain”. No one likes it when it rains on your vacation. Well, it doesn’t have to be a total bust. Here are our top 8 things to do while you wait out a rainstorm to stay dry and happy. 8. Restaurants Find a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. ...

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Did Website Glitch Leak The News … “Be Our Guest” To Offer Breakfast?

Be our Guest

Several unofficial fan communities are abuzz with news from Magic Kingdom! Several guests have reported that the official Disney website has been randomly showing “Be Our Guest” as a breakfast option starting in March 2015. When calling Disney reservations we were unable to secure a reservation for that time and the cast member was unable to confirm, (or deny,) that ...

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9 Of Our Favorite Disney Souvenirs

9 Favorite Disney Souvenirs

Many of us would love nothing more than to commemorate our Disney vacation with the perfect souvenir. It can start getting tricky, however, the minute you step foot inside one of their many shops and see the gobs of merchandise taking up every square foot of wall and shelf space. With all these options, trying to choose the perfect souvenir ...

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Magic Kingdom 101 – Complete Rundown of Rides

Tomorrowland Speedway

The oldest park at Walt Disney World is also home to the greatest rides that Disney has to offer. Split into six different lands, Magic Kingdom is quintessential Disney. It is what people think of when someone says Disney World. The following is a complete listing of rides that Magic Kingdom has to offer, as well as some insider tips ...

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4 Awesome Behaviors We Can Learn From Disney Cast Members

Disney Cast Members

Ask anyone returning from Disney for their favorite moments from their trip, and invariably the story that emerges in one way or another, involves Cast Members. If we all took a cue from these carefully trained individuals, what a wonderful world it would be! My recent stay may give you some food for thought – I sure hope so. The ...

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New Expansion Underway At Disney Animal Kingdom!

Harambe Expansion is reporting news about a big expansions at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. A brand new area of Disney Animal’s Kingdom is under construction. The expansion is to the “Africa” area at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The “Africa Marketplace” will open early in 2015 and will include a shopping area and a new restaurant called “Harambe Marketplace.” The restaurant ...

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Top 5 Snacks to Eat On-The-Go at Disney World

While visiting Disney, you are going to notice that there are times when you don’t have a chance to sit down and have a bite to eat. With rides to get to and characters to meet, sometimes you have to eat on the go. So what are the best Disney snacks to eat while heading to your next Disney destination? ...

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Top 5 Things to Know About ‘Run Disney’ Events

Run Disney

I have been a pretty avid runner for the last 15 years and have run many events in many places, but just like Disney has its own kind of magic in the parks, it also has its own magic with race events Run Disney holds multiple times a year at both Disneyland and Disney World. I just recently completed the ...

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