‘Disney is a Gamble’: Parent Says Disney ‘Isn’t for Little Kids.’

Even though Disney is known to be the site of family-friendly vacations, one parent posits the Parks are not for toddlers.

Going to a Disney Park is an experience to be treasured. The Walt Disney World Resort and its Parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, are one of the best places for a Disney vacation. The Disney Resort leads the way in immersive Theme Park experiences and allows Guests to live their happiest and most magical experiences.

But for one parent, apparently not.


The Walt Disney Magic Kingdom statue/Disney

Christopher Mannino, a parent to a three-year-old and a six-year-old wrote about his experience taking his children to Walt Disney World on Insider, and he didn’t have the best account.

Per Mannino, “My kids are 3 and 6, and we just came back from Disney World. Though it’s often billed as a top family destination, and while I’m a huge Disney fan and think the parks are amazing, I would not recommend it to parents of little kids.”

Christopher Manino at Disney World/ Christopher Manino/Insider

Christopher Mannino at Disney World/ Christopher Mannino/Insider

Mannino reported his kid was afraid of the rides, in particular, the 3-D rides. Mannino said,

“YouTube is a far cry from reality. My son quickly discovered he was frightened of 3D. Any show or presentation incorporating 3D effects was out of the picture. We even left Pixar short films and the Muppet ride early because he’d been scared.”

Mannino clarified that he did love the Disney Parks, and Walt Disney World Resort. But the experience of being there with two young children who were no longer babies was a bit too difficult to deal with in reality.


Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom/Disney

He ended by saying, “I still love Disney. I’d go back in a heartbeat when the kids are older. But I recommend parents with toddlers and little kids skip it.”

This isn’t the first report of parents not having the easiest time bringing their children to a Disney Park. Earlier this year, some Cast Members also spoke out about parents who would often leave their kids with the Mary Poppins character as if she were a real nanny.

A Disney experience is a magical vacation, but accounts like this remind us that perhaps they’re worth a little bit of consideration as well.

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