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“People Infantilized Us”: Young Twins Condescended to by Older Disney World Guests

cinderella castle (left), ariel pouting (right)
Credit: Disney / Canva

Twins who frequent Disney World decided to experiment with their clothing and found older guests “infantilizing” them when they made one change.

The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a Disney vacation. The Central Florida Disney Resort is known to be “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” and for good reason! The resort and each theme park are home to some incredible rides and attractions—think Haunted Mansion or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park or lands like Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park—which allow guests from around the world to live out their fantasies and fulfill some of their most magical dreams.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain in Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom / Credit: Disney

Recently, Disney World guest Jenna Clark shared her experience visiting the Central Florida Disney resort while experimenting with her twin sister. The twins frequent “The Most Magical Place on Earth” and decided to try coordinating their outfits on a recent visit—and not just thematically, but the sisters wore almost entirely matching outfits.

The twins wanted to explore how different people reacted to their matching outfits.

jenna clark and her twin sister at EPCOT

Jenna Clark and her twin sister at EPCOT / Credit: Jenna Clark

Cast Members Treated Them Differently…

Writer Jenna Clark noted that Disney Park cast members treated them differently when they wore matching outfits. The sisters have colorful hair, and Clark noted that usually, cast members would open their interactions with the duo by complimenting or commenting on their hair.

However, when they had matching outfits, “many characters would see our outfits and comment, ‘Are you best friends?’ and ‘You never dress alike,’ or something to that effect.” Clark added that many cast members went out of their way to tell the sisters they looked adorable.

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park

Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Guests Stared at the Sisters More Frequently

In addition to this, Clark noted that as two 24-year-old sisters with brightly colored hair, they usually do garner a fair share of attention at the parks. However, when they had matching outfits on, the stares increased noticeably. Clark explained that typically, one family member would stare, and then they would draw the attention of other family members, resulting in the entire group paying attention to Clark and her twin.

Pandora Sunset Animal Kingdom

Pandora, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park / Credit: Todd F. Burgess, Flickr

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Older Guests “Infantalized” the Sisters

Finally, Clark explained that older guests often “infantilized” the sisters when they dressed alike. She shared, “When we dressed alike, people would say things like ‘Do you need some help?’ when looking at the Disney Transport bus sign and ‘Aren’t you two just the most adorable girls.’”

Clark added that while these comments seemed innocuous, they had an underlying tone of condescension and patronization.

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