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Guest Takes A Walk On Big Thunder Mountain Tracks While A Train is Coming

DLP Guest nearly hit by Big Thunder Mountain train
Credit: Disney

As a general rule of thumb, playing chicken with a train of any kind is not a great idea. No matter how fast you think you are, the train will always win. It’s just a fundamental fact of life.

Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Resort

Credit: Disney

Apparently, a rider on Big Thunder Mountain never learned that basic fact. One of the trains broke down on the tracks, and rather than wait for the ride to restart, the rider decided to jump out of the car and start walking back to the state on the tracks. One slight problem, there was another train coming down the tracks.

A Big Thunder Mountain Railroad car broke down at Disneyland Paris earlier this week. While the car was stopped, Guests decided that they had waited long enough. They exited the carts and started to walk along the tracks toward the station. Cast Members can be seen in the video running toward the Guests as another train started to make its way down the track.

When Guests are on an attraction and it breaks down, Cast Members tell Guests to remain in their seats until told otherwise. Guests at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster at Disneyland Paris were told to remain seated to avoid an accident.

There has been a rash of Guests behaving badly lately at Disney Parks. Just last week, a father exited a boat at Pirates of the Carribean and carried his child off the ride. Another guest jumped off Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT. Guests were also caught throwing things at other Guests while on a ride. And then there are the fights. Just last week, a fight broke out in Tomorrowland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. 

Disney World Magic Kingdom Fight

A fight in the Disney World theme park called the Magic Kingdom recently led to lifetime bans and blood on the streets. Credit: Gracey’s Bro Twitter

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There is no explanation for why Guests have been behaving so poorly at Disney Parks, but they have to know that it will all get caught on video. And once they are caught, they will be trespassed from Disney and will not be able to enter the Parks again for at least a year. And that is only after they have gone through an exhaustive appeal process.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of the most popular roller coasters at Walt Disney World and other Disney Parks. It is a runaway train that takes riders on the wildest ride in the west. Hopefully, Guests will pay attention to warnings and remain on the attraction and be patient. Otherwise there may be an accident at a Disney Park.

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