The Definitive Guide to Getting Unbanned from Disney World

'Disney Hack' gets woman banned
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So you’ve been banned for life from Walt Disney World, eh? What did you do? Perhaps you got drunk and tried climbing the Mexico Pavilion pyramid?  Was it a fight in the parking lot? Just a few minutes on social media could have you thinking that have been a lot of people getting banned lately. It sure seemed like a good idea to try and climb a parade float for the perfect Instagram moment or act up on a ride for a TikTok video, right? Just kidding, it wasn’t.

Getting Unbanned from Disney

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At this point, hopefully you’ve sobered up–literally or metaphorically, and realized you’d made a terrible mistake. Even if you avoided becoming an internet laughingstock, you are forced to deal with some repercussions of your actions, which in this case, includes a lifetime ban from Disney Properties.

So, you start combing the internet for a way to get unbanned from Disney. First of all, shame on you! Not to sound like your mom scolding you, but come on. You’re an adult; you should know better than this and at Disney World. Second of all, luckily I can help you! We can move forward now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.

In this article, I explain precisely what gets you banned for life from Walt Disney World, what’s the difference between banned and trespassing, how Disney enforces this lifetime ban, and finally, the best ways to appeal your lifetime ban. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Getting Unbanned from Disney

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What Gets You Banned from Disney World for Life?

There are some basic things you should not do in Disney World. Here’s a quick list of some of the things that you can expect a lifetime ban for:

  • Assaulting a cast member
  • Fighting on Disney Property
  • Exposing yourself or trying to have sex in public
  • Doing drugs, including marijuana, which is still illegal in Florida for recreational use
  • Leaving your vehicle during a ride
  • Trying to climb on a parade float
  • Taking photographs for videotaping any in “off-limit” areas, including backstage
  • Stealing from one of the Disney stores

All of these things seemingly make sense. If you were to do most of them in the “real world,” you would probably be arrested, so why wouldn’t you receive some punishment on Disney Property?

Getting Unbanned from Disney

There are also several items prohibited on Disney World Property. Not all of them are created equal, though. You will be banned if you try to bring a gun or explosives into the Parks. But if you show up at Animal Kingdom with a plastic straw, you’ll probably get a stern warning.

You also can’t try to sneak booze into the Parks. Why would you, though? You can get a drink at most of them, so just pay the $10 and save yourself the hassle.  But if you try in, say, a formula bottle, that’s a ban. And hopefully, a call from Child Services.

Oh yeah, and you can’t sell merchandise in the Parks. It’s not like you’re going to set up your own kiosk and start selling shirts with your picture on it, are you? You’re supposed to be on vacation. I know Disney is expensive, but selling stuff in Disney Parks is no way to make ends meet.

If you can avoid most of these infractions, like you do throughout every other day of your life, you’ll be fine.

What’s the Difference Between Banned and Trespassing?

Okay, so now we’re getting into the legal world. Here’s a pretty easy way to think about it: In 2020, an Alabama man was arrested for camping out on Discovery Island on the Walt Disney World Property. Discover Island was an animal-themed area that closed in 1999, but buildings were still on site. The man spent three days sleeping in the abandoned buildings. He was arrested and tried under the criminal laws of the state of Florida.

That is trespassing. You go onto private property without permission or into an area that is off-limits to the general public. It’s like if a stranger set up a tent in your backyard and started sleeping there. You’d call the cops to get rid of them, and they would be arrested for the offense.

Getting Unbanned from Disney

If you are caught trespassing, you will be arrested by Orange County Sheriff Deputies and go to jail. I don’t know how much clearer I can make that. It’s against the law. The punishment in Florida is up to 60 days in prison, up to a $500 fine, and community service. But all of that depends on your prior record and the severity of your crime.

Now for being banned. Walt Disney World is a private company. They are free to remove and ban anyone they choose from their property. You do not have the right to do whatever you want just because you paid a ton of money to be there. That’s not how this works. Also, no, your Constitutional Rights are not being infringed upon if Disney bans you.

Disney World has its rules. If you break those rules, they are free to ban you from any of their properties. Again, the Walt Disney Company is a private business. They don’t answer to you. They can choose to ban whomever they please.

Now, here’s where the legal matter comes in. Let’s say you’ve been banned from all Walt Disney World Properties, and you decide to go shopping at Disney Springs one day. You’re thought process is simple, how will they catch me? (more on that in a second). You are now trespassing and subject to arrest.

Disney told you not to come back, and you did. I hope your meal at The Edison was worth it because now you’re going to jail.

How Does Disney Enforce Bans?

Do you ever feel unsafe at Disney World? Like the feeling you get when you think something terrible will happen to you? No, right? Exactly. You are secure there, even if you don’t know it.

At Walt Disney World, security is everywhere, but you never see it. Of course, Big Brother is always watching you. Part of that is to ensure that nothing terrible happens, but the other part is to ensure you don’t do anything stupid. Disney Security will be there the moment you make a mistake.

Getting Unbanned from Disney

Let’s just remember something; you give your fingerprints to Disney whenever you try to enter a Park. You are quite literally giving them the finger. But if you refuse to provide them with your fingerprints, you must show a valid, government-issued ID before you can use a ticket at any of the Parks. No getting into the theme parks, just on your looks and charm. Sorry.

What if you just want to rent a room at the Walt Disney World Resort? Sure, you can, but how do you plan on doing that without a credit card? No Guest is allowed to reserve a room without a card and giving their name.

But you’re smarter than the average bear. You’re going to give Guest Services a different name and have someone else pay for the room—brilliant plan, except for all its flaws.

Disney Security keeps records on everyone who has been banned from the Property. This includes your fingerprints (let’s remember that you’ve been arrested and gave them up willingly when you walked into Magic Kingdom for the first time), name, address, and photo. That’s right, they can recognize your face.

Unbanned from Disney

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Remember a few years back when Disney tested facial recognition software to get into the Parks? Did you think that was just for fun? I see the light just went off. You’ve realized the flaws in your plan.

So, even if you can somehow manage to sneak into a Disney Park or one of the Disney Resort Hotels, your day will end in prison.

Most Successful Way to Appeal a Lifetime Ban From Disney

Now that you know you’re not just going to sneak in, have you tried to apologize? Seriously. So, first and foremost, Disney does not have a specific policy for getting unbanned from the Parks.

But if you are in legal trouble for your actions, you should deal with that first. You’re going to need a lawyer. If you can afford it, the lawyer can also help remove the ban from Walt Disney World Properties.

You must wait at least one year after the ban was enacted before you can even try to appeal. You need to write a letter to Disney’s Security Department and the Legal Council for the Parks. This is why a legal professional might better handle this. Writing the letter yourself isn’t going to move the needle. You’re going to have to hire a legal professional in the Orlando area who has dealt with these types of complaints before.

According to a law firm that has dealt with Disney and lifetime ban’s before, the letter should explain your situation and what you have done to fix the problem or make any changes.  If you were arrested, did you complete your community service and pay your fine?  If it was alcohol-related, maybe you went to rehab.

Getting Unbanned from Disney

But the most crucial part is reportedly showing contrition for your actions. What you did was wrong; you should apologize and promise never to do it again. This is why you must wait until all your legal proceedings are finished.  By apologizing, you are technically admitting to the crime.

This letter must be sent via certified mail, don’t just drop it into the mail slot.  You have to know that they received it.

Now comes the incredibly frustrating part. Your appeal will most likely be denied, depending on the severity of the crime.  In the early 2000s, a group of students was thrown out of Disney Springs for loitering, and their ban was lifted after one year.  Youtuber Adam The Woo was kicked out for videotaping Backstage areas, and it took him three years to be allowed back into Disney World.

You can try and appeal once a year essentially until they either let you back in or you die. You have to keep following the same process.

There is a loophole. If the rule you broke is no longer on the books at Disney, you can appeal on that basis and will most likely be allowed back into the Parks. So, if you were thrown out for drinking at Magic Kingdom back in the 90s, alcohol is now sold there, so you have a better chance of getting back in.

Getting Unbanned from Disney

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Best Way to Avoid Being Banned

I can’t believe that I have to say this, but here we are. If you don’t want to get banned from Walt Disney World: FOLLOW THE @#%&?! RULES. It’s really not that hard. Thousands of us do it everyday and really have an enjoyable time.

Unfortunately, unlike most things Disney, there is no Magic here. Just do what you’re supposed to do, don’t go places you’re not supposed to go, and if you think you’re going to get into a fight, just “Let it Go.”

Just remember something, if you don’t follow the rules, you’re going to end up being a meme or an internet laughing stock. And you won’t be allowed back to the place that all of us love.

So, just be cool and have a magical time, for crying out loud! But in case you already lost that privilege, I hope this was helpful in your quest to get it back!

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