Disney Guest Disgusts Onlookers By Trespassing Into Water Feature


It will be unsurprising for many Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and general theme park fans to hear that theme park Guests — particularly Disney Guests — have been misbehaving at appalling levels in recent months. We have seen everything from fistfights to trespassing to the harassment of Disney Cast Members — and unfortunately, yet another Walt Disney World Resort Guest has just blatantly misbehaved!

TikTok user @matthew_benson has just shared footage of an adult Walt Disney World Resort Guest climbing into (and onto) a Disney water feature for a posed photo in the Morocco World Showcase Pavilion within the EPCOT Disney Park in Florida.


LITERALLY WHY #disneyadults #fyp #disneyworld

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“Literally, why?” Matthew Benson asked in the video, expressing confusion and dismay at the sight of the Disney Resort Guest invading the Moroccan fountain.

Benson labeled the offending Disney Guest as a “Disney Adult” in the video, which is a member of a group of adult Disney fans who have faced a great deal of backlash in recent months when associated with Guests who behave badly.

Many Disney Adults have been taking offense at the inclusion of misbehaving Guests in the “Disney Adult” group, and several people spoke up in response to the fountain trespasser’s actions. Guests like this are “so embarrassing,” one Disney fan pointed out.

A brand-new Disney employee spoke up as well, saying that they “just got hired as a cast member and…CANT WAIT to tell these people they can’t do this stuff”.

EPCOT Morocco

The EPCOT Morocco Pavilion in the World Showcase. Photo: Matthew Cooper /

Several people pointed out that the Guest might have been under the influence of alcohol, since “drinking around the world” is a popular EPCOT activity for adults. “How many drinks did she have to think this is a GREAT IDEA?” one TikTok user asked.

Unfortunately, we have seen many other Disney Guests use the fountains for wading or bathing ( or even surfing) in the past, too!

“*Adds this video to the ones I show my kids that I call “cautionary tales of how NOT to act”*,” another Disney fan wrote. “I hate people.”

Disney Adults

Disney Adults

Some Disney fans took a very strong stance, saying that “people like this need to be escorted out” of Disney theme parks. We have seen Disney cracking down on misbehaving theme park Guests more strongly lately — and on resellers, too, as it happens.

Do you think that even stronger responses are warranted when it comes to Guests who are behaving like this?

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