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Man Banned From Disney Sneaks Back Into the Parks to Commit More Crimes

Victor Alfonso Diaz

Walt Disney World Resort is known as The Most Magical Place on Earth, and for good reason. There are so many wonderful things to do, from riding one-of-a-kind attractions to eating absolutely delicious meals, watching Broadway-caliber shows, enjoying top-of-the-line hotels, and more. Families who vacation at Walt Disney World Resort truly make memories that will last a lifetime, and, while most of them are wonderful, some are memories they would rather forget. Because while Disney does seem magical, it is still in the real world, with real-world problems.

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As many people know, Disney does not mess around when it comes to bad Guest behavior; whether it’s getting drunk and causing a problem, people fighting, or people stealing, Disney will get security involved and ban the troublemakers from returning. While “trespassing” bans typically work, it appears that one banned Guest was determined to steal from as many Guests as possible.

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According to a report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Victor Alfonso Diaz had already been banned by Disney for stealing from Guests. However, in November, Diaz and several of his friends — Elvia Johanna Palaciasoviedo, Carlos Eucevio Albarracin, and Mathew Salamanca — walked through the entrance to the Magic Kingdom without scanning any tickets.

Security quickly began looking at security cameras once the four walked into the Parks, so they could find them as quickly as possible and get them out. By the time they found the group, they had already struck and stolen items from multiple Guests.

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According to the newly released police reports, the group was found with a bag full of stolen items, mainly phones and phone chargers. The phones and chargers were found in a Faraday bag, which blocks phone signals; that way the phones could not be traced by those looking for their lost belongings. The bag contained three phones, a SIM card, and multiple chargers.

Diaz was arrested, once again, and charged with third-degree theft and “trespass on property after warning.”

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Third-degree grand theft is a felony in the state of Florida, punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. The people that Mr. Diaz was with were charged with misdemeanor trespassing and banned from Disney.

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