Peter Pan is a Vampire?!

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Credit: Disney/Warner Bros., Universal

A video of a Disney World face character, Peter Pan, calling himself a “vampire” while interacting with a fan has been making the rounds.

The cast members at any Disney resort, be that the Central Florida Disney theme park or the Southern California Disney Park, are the heart of the Disney experience. Whether as custodial and janitorial staff who make sure the parks stay clean on a daily basis for us fans to enjoy them or more prominent cast members like face characters, cast members make up some of the best memories for fans.

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Peter Pan and Peter Pan and Wendy / Images Credit: Disney

Recently, social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, handle No Context Theme Parks shared a video of a fan interacting with Disney character Peter Pan at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The video begins in the middle of a conversation between the pair, and Peter Pan, on spotting a bat at Walt Disney World, shares, “Well, sometimes people think I’m a vampire too.”

The fan was momentarily confused and indicated for the Disney character to elaborate.

Peter Pan explains, “Well, I don’t grow up. I can fly like a bat. What else? Oh, I don’t have a bedtime, so I stay up late… oh, yeah, and I sparkle with pixie dust.”

The video concludes with the fan sharing, “he is a vampire,” as Peter Pan suddenly runs away mid-conversation, very much in the true spirit of the character.

Many Disney Park fans clearly enjoyed the interaction, with over 169 people liking the video, and one Disney fan even tweeted, “I love how he just energetically runs away mid conversation.”

Wendy from Peter Pan & Wendy

Wendy from Peter Pan & Wendy / Credit: Disney

Who is Peter Pan?

Peter Pan is a fictional character—a free-spirited young boy who can fly and never grows up—created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. He first appeared in Barrie’s The Little White Bird (1902), with the original version of Peter Pan’s story being much darker than one might think.

From the Grand Theatre’s website,

In the original draft of the novel, Peter is a villain, kidnapping young children from their beds. The Little White Bird is a semi-autobiographical tale, considered to be a thinly veiled novel about George Llewelyn Davies, one of the boys who inspired Barrie’s Lost Boys.

How old is Peter Pan?

Peter Pan’s age is never disclosed, but per all accounts, his appearance matches that of a 12-year-old or 13-year-old boy. In Barrie’s novel and play, the only detail that sheds light on his age is that Peter Pan still has all his baby teeth.

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