Report: Disney World Can Add Two New Theme Parks

New Disney World Theme Parks

It appears that The Walt Disney World Resort has enough space allocated to build at least two additional Theme Parks on top of the four already developed.

New reports coming out of The Reedy Creek Improvement District’s latest planning meeting state that a “long-term land use plan ‘was updated to allow for the addition of two more minor parks.’”

While there is still a lot of mystery surrounding this news, it appears to be an affirmation of a 2020 plan which set aside land for another “major” Theme Park and two minor Theme Parks, with almost 600 acres possibly allocated to the potential projects.

There has been no word from Disney confirming the creation of an entirely new Theme Park of any kind at this time, but this suggests that there is at least a contingency in place just in case Disney Parks Experiences and Products wants to build more Theme Parks on its Central Florida property. This reaffirming of the current development plan could also be the laying of groundwork before Tallahassee has state officials begin appointing the district’s governing board.

Reedy Creek Improvement District Map

At the D23 Expo last September, Disney teased fans with some “blue sky” ideas that included a massive expansion of Magic Kingdom Park to include a permanent villains section and even the inclusion of Encanto and Coco. But could any of these new ideas just be the foundation of a new Theme Park? Disney World already has a list of long-overdue projects it already needs to complete, such as the grand opening of TRON: Lightcycle/Run on April 4, but we at Disney Fanatic will keep our ears open to see if any new Theme Park plans do come about.

villains land d23

In the meantime, we will continue to update our readers on all Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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