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You Haven’t Lived Until You Experience This Disney World Carb Overload!

Sanaa bread service
Credit: Disney

There is no food shortage at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. In fact, fans of the theme park’s culinary experience have been dubbed “Disney Foodies.” There are so many different options to seek out. However, arguably the best meal isn’t exactly a meal at all. It is basically an appetizer, but so filling and amazing that some Disney Foodies seek out this off-the-beaten-path restaurant simply to indulge in it.


Jambo House is part of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and already has brought back the deluxe housekeeping service. Credit: Disney

Sanaa Bread Service

We are talking about Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Sanaa restaurant. Here, Guests can order a specialty bread service that comes with several different types of bread and a ton of different sauces to dip them in. Animal Kingdom Lodge is often overlooked as a dining option for vacationers because it’s a little out of the way. Furthermore, Sanaa is slightly hidden in the depths of the hotel. However, the bread service is well worth the inconvenience, and fans on Reddit agree!

Disney World’s Sanaa restaurant allows you to embark on a delectable journey with its renowned bread service. The star of the show is an array of freshly baked Indian-style breads, from classic naan to aromatic garlic-infused varieties. But what truly elevates this experience is the dazzling array of accompanying sauces. Delight in the sweet and tangy dance of mango chutney, feel the fiery kick of red chili sambal and savor the cool refreshment of cucumber raita. Let your taste buds explore the intricate flavors of garlic pickle, the zesty allure of coriander chutney, and the unique harmony of tomato-date jam. A spicy jalapeno-lime pickle awaits the daring palate, while the tamarind chutney adds a perfect touch of tanginess. Sanaa’s bread service isn’t just a meal – it’s an adventure of epic carbohydrate proportions!

Furthermore, Guests with dietary needs can even get in on the fun. Apparently, Sanaa has a gluten-free & allergy-friendly bread service for those with restrictions. This replaces some of the options with alternatives based on nutritional needs.

Sanaa bread and sauces

Credit: Disney

Social Media Agrees

Do you still need convincing? Don’t take our word for it. One connoisseur recently posted their experience with the Sanaa bread service on the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit, unashamedly stating that their entire meal was just the appetizer. Fans uplifted the post, agreeing that this is a mood and a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

My entire meal was just Sanaa Bread Service
byu/pk6zi inWaltDisneyWorld

Responses also gave some amazing tips for those wishing to experience the bread service themselves. Apparently, you can ask for sauce refills at any point in the carb overload.

A tip I learned too late in my meal, you can get refills of the sauces.

byu/pk6zi from discussion

Also, you don’t have to have a reservation or sit at a table in Sanaa to get in on the fun. One Guest revealed that you can simply find a spot in the nearby lounge or order it through the mobile application!

Another pro tip: you can get bread service without reservations by either going to the lounge where it’s first come first serve seating or mobile ordering the bread service.

byu/pk6zi from discussion

This dangerous collection of advice may be useful, but not very good for the waistline! However, sometimes sacrifices must be made. You simply haven’t lived until you indulged in the Sanaa bread service.

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