Should EPCOT Host a Lunar New Year Celebration?

EPCOT Lunar New Year Celebration
Credit: Disney

Today, the Disneyland Resort began its Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure Park. As Anaheim prepares for the Year of the Tiger, eyes can’t help but turn to Orlando to see no such event taking place at EPCOT. And we at Disney Fanatic began to think… Shouldn’t EPCOT host a Lunar New Year Celebration?

Lunar New Year

Credit: Disney

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EPCOT is already known for its exciting, multicultural festivals, from Food & Wine to the International Festival of the Holidays. And, let’s be honest, Lunar New Year is another great opportunity to eat great food and drink great drinks. After all, it is the reason for the largest annual human migration on the planet.

It makes sense for EPCOT to host a Lunar New Year celebration because China is one of the nations that have a permanent pavilion situated on World Showcase Lagoon. It would also be another opportunity to showcase kiosks of other countries that also observe the celebration like Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and the traditional food served in all of them.

Idea: Pavilion-Centered Mini Celebrations

Donald Duck Mexico

The one drawback with having an EPCOT Lunar New Year Celebration is that Lunar New Year is not, technically, a globally-celebrated holiday. China is the only nation with a permanent pavilion on World Showcase that observes it, and it could be argued that it remains too “niche” to warrant a full celebration.

So, why not let Lunar New Year be one of a series of mini-celebrations that break out at the different pavilions throughout the year? Let’s really decorate Mexico for Dia de Los Muertos and celebrate Midsummer in Germany (I’d say Oktoberfest, but that might be a bit redundant with EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival in full swing). Let’s change up the fireworks a bit with a recognition of the 4th of July at The American Adventure Pavilion, Bastille Day at the France Pavilion, and Guy Faux Day a the UK Pavilion. Or, why not just recognize each nation’s founding day?

EPCOT Festival of the Arts

Credit: Walt Disney Imagineering


Holding each pavilion more closely to the calendars for their people will increase the real-world excitement and education Guests can find at Walt Disney World, increase the chance that even the most frequent of Annual Passholders have the chance of experiencing something new, and therefore increase the amount of Disney Magic felt by everyone who walks through those gates.

It should be noted that this is nothing more than a speculation piece, and only time can tell if EPCOT will ever institute mini celebrations like this. In the meantime, though, EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts is going on right now.

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