Sneak Peek of ‘Blizzard Beach’ Refurbishment Is Revealed

blizzard beach

Many Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort attractions have been going through changes recently, with some attractions being closed for renovations temporarily and others (such as Splash Mountain) being closed on a more permanent basis. As these changes have come into effect, one of Walt Disney World Resort’s water parks has been closed for refurbishments (even as Disney World’s other water park, Typhoon Lagoon, has reopened).

Now, aerial footage has given us some glimpses of the alterations that are being done to the water-filled Disney destination!

The Twitter account called “bioreconstruct” has shared photos taken from the air that reveal Blizzard Beach while the Walt Disney World Resort water park is closed. Construction equipment can be seen, including a crane. You can see Blizzard Beach during its closure, and the crane in question, in the Tweet shown below!

Construction enthusiasts will be interested to see the additional images that @bioreconstruct has shared. The individual sharing the photos predicts that “the crane will soon move closer” to the Blizzard Beach water park, and that the construction workers and Imagineers behind the Disney water park’s new look will use “an extension truss” to “reach deep inside the Park for [the] next phase of refurbishment.”

Blizzard Beach is a Disney Park that is known for its water-based attractions and water slides, including Tike’s Peak, Runoff Rapids, Melt-Away Bay, Cross Country Creek, Toboggan Racers, and the freefall water plunge known as Summit Plummet! The water park provides a wonderfully refreshing way for Disney World Guests to cool off and escape the Florida heat — when this Walt Disney World Resort destination is open, that is.

Here can see additional glimpses of the Teamboat Springs attraction, particularly the “water slide section replacement” that is going on right now while the water park is closed indefinitely! According to @bioreconstruct, this indicates that the water slide ride’s renovations are approaching completion.

The Twitter user shared a picture from June 19 for comparison, and the water slide certainly looks complete now compared to its stage in June!

Even though Typhoon Lagoon has reopened and made many Disney World Guests happy, Blizzard Beach is unfortunately still listed as a closed Disney destination. Since no reopening date has been announced, many Disney fans and water park fans will worry that the water park will remain closed for many more months — or that it will return, but as a very different place!

Do you prefer Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon when it comes to Disney World water parks? Which is your favorite attraction at the Disney Blizzard Beach water park: Tike’s Peak, Runoff Rapids, Melt-Away Bay, Cross Country Creek, Toboggan Racers, or the infamous Summit Plummet?

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