‘Star Wars’ Toy Sparks Heated Debate and Nightmares

Star Wars Toy Debate

There’s not much that Star Wars fans can agree on. Ask them who shot first; they should correctly answer Han Solo. But keep asking the question, and you may get as many Greedos as Solos.

Star Wars Toy Debate

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Start to ask fans about the prequels or the three most recent sequels, and there is bound to be a fist fight. That is how deep opinions on all things Star Wars-related run.

However, there is one thing that nearly every Star Wars fan can agree on: Jar Jar Binks was a terrible and unnecessary character. It has become one of the few universal truths throughout the Star Wars universe. No other character in the history of Star Wars has elicited such a negative response as Jar Jar.

But now, there is even more reason to hate the George Lucas creation. A Reddit thread asked, “is there a Star Wars  toy that shouldn’t exist.” One user brought up a toy that should have never been created…ever.

Star Wars Toy Debate


The toy in question is called the “Jar Jar Binks Candy Tongue.” It is Jar Jar’s head with his long tongue, and children are supposed to suck the candy out of his extra-long tongue.

That left many Reddit users to ask the question, who would approve of this as a toy? The responses quickly went from uncertain questioning to downright dirty. One user asked, “how many kids learned how to kiss on this thing?”

But there was one question that was on every user’s mind that may never be answered: why does this toy even exist? This led other users to post some of the other “odd” toys that Lucas approved from the original trilogy, including a C3P0 tape dispenser from 1982.

What is clear from the existence of this toy is that Lucas would have sold anything Star Wars-related back in the 90s, including this abomination.

Disney has also realized that there is a limit to Star Wars fans’ wallets, recently announcing that it was cutting back Voyages at Disney’s Galactic Star Cruiser, the Star Wars-themed hotel experience near Hollywood Studios. Disney Movie Studios also announced that they would be cutting back on the number of Star Wars films and TV shows in order to save money.

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