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After Calls To Be Axed, Snow White ‚ÄúFears for Her Life‚ÄĚ Plays ‚ÄúVictim Card‚ÄĚ

Snow White

Both actors or performers who play Snow White can’t seem to catch a break, with multiple performers and actors recently finding themselves in the spotlight, and not for the best reasons. One of the most difficult things about living in the limelight is the amount of attention and scrutiny one is subject to. This is especially true when one works ...

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Critics Once Again Being Called Out on Rachel Zegler and ‘Snow White’ Hypocrisy

Rachel Zegler Jacob Elordi hypocrisy

If you are a Disney fan, then you may know that the company is currently making a live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White will star Rachel Zegler as the titular princess, Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen, and Andrew Burnap as Jonathan (the Prince). The film was first announced back in 2016, but Zegler was not cast until ...

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Disney Makes MAJOR Change to ‘Snow White’ Release

Snow White release delayed

For more than two years, Disney has been fighting an uphill battle to get fans invested in its new live-action remake of¬†Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Fans have been unhappy with multiple aspects of the film. Many are tired of Disney turning a lot of animated films into live-action remakes. And a lot of people had issues with Disney’s ...

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Rachel Zegler Finally Addresses ‘Snow White’ Firing Rumors

Rachel Zegler Snow White firing rumors

In October 2016, Disney announced that they were doing a live-action remake of Disney’s first feature-length animated film,¬†Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.¬†Five years later, it was revealed that¬†West Side Story¬†actress Rachel Zegler had been cast as the titular princess. Filming took place six years later, from March through July 2022.¬†Snow White¬†is scheduled to hit theaters on March 22, 2024. ...

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‘Some Kids, Some Parents Are More Sensitive.’ ‘Bambi’ Screenwriter Promises Major Changes to Disney Classic

'Bambi' Screenwriter Promises Major Changes to Disney Classic

It’s almost like Disney can’t help themselves. They have some of the most loved movies ever made, yet they still feel the need to push out live-action remakes continually. Sure, Beauty and the Beast (2017) and The Lion King (2019) were billion-dollar movies for Walt Disney Studios, but lately, the live-action remakes have brought controversy to Disney. It started with¬†The ...

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Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Is in a $340 Million Hole, and It Hasn’t Even Been Released Yet

'Snow White' needs a huge payday just to break even

Live-action¬†Snow White¬†remake. The movie’s title is enough to send readers to their keyboards with an opinion. The movie hasn’t even been released yet and won’t be for another six months, but everyone seems to have an opinion on the film. The drastic changes the Walt Disney Company has made to the film have caused outrage among diehard Disney fans, and ...

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Journalist Blasts ‘Snow White’ and “Insufferable” Disney Princesses

snow white canceled

Yet another journalist has spoken out, slamming the new age of ‚Äúinsufferable‚ÄĚ Disney Princesses and arguing against Disney‚Äôs current trend. The new¬†Snow White¬†movie, set to release on March 22, 2024, has been causing waves recently when old videos of lead actress Rachel Zegler, who plays the titular character in the upcoming Snow White remake, resurfaced online wherein Zegler was trashing ...

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Famed Disney Lyricist Sir Tim Rice Tackles ‘Snow White’ Controversy, Calls Remakes A ‘Mistake’

Disney's live-action remakes

It seemed like a good idea when Walt Disney Studios first started live-action remakes of their animated classics. Some of them turned out great, Beauty and the Beast (2017), some of them were just okay, The Lion King (2019), and some were just unnecessary, Peter Pan and Wendy (2023). But now, with a release schedule full of live-action remakes, it appears ...

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Fans Called Out on Hypocrisy Over Rachel Zegler’s ‘Snow White’ Comments

rachel zegler snow white

Nearly seven years ago, Disney announced that they were in the early stages of a live-action remake of¬†Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Five years later,¬†West Side Story¬†star Rachel Zegler was cast as the titular princess. Almost immediately after Zegler’s casting was announced, people had problems. They did not like Disney’s choice, as Zegler is part Polish and part Colombian. ...

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‘Snow White’ Star Accused of “Gaslighting” Disney Fans, Calling Disney Prince a “Stalker”

Rachel Zegler Gaslighting Fans

Love them or hate them, Disney live-action remakes aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Disney is moving full steam ahead on the remakes, despite fans becoming increasingly frustrated with them. Most recently, Disney released its newest live-action remake,¬†The Little Mermaid. In the months leading up to its release, Disney faced backlash for the movie, not as much because it was ...

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