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Our 8 Favorite Places to Shop at Disney


Even if you aren’t a shopaholic, everyone enjoys a great vacation souvenir. Disney has plenty of retail locations where you can satisfy your search for the perfect gift (for yourself, or someone else). Listed here are some fabulous shopping spots to check out at and around Disney World. 1. The Emporium Located in the Magic Kingdom, the Emporium consumes nearly ...

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5 Sensational Things About Closing Time At Disney World

Castle and Tomorrowland

There are very few reasons to ever be somewhat sad while at a Disney park. In fact, the only one that I can really think of is when the closing announcement is heard over the speakers. However, as well all know, Disney must close their parks for a number of reasons. Here are my top 5. 5. Cast members must ...

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Top 10 Disney Souvenirs

Disney Souvenirs

The majority of us get suckered into buying souvenirs for our kids or even ourselves, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Disney offers some one of a kind items that you may not be able to find outside of the parks or resorts. Also, places like Downtown Disney have tons of stores filled with items that are unique to ...

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8 Souvenirs You May Want To Skip on Your Next Trip to Disney

Disney Shopping

If you read our “10 Magical Keepsakes to Bring Home from Disney” article, then you have my list of favorite souvenirs to buy at Walt Disney World. In this article, I’ll share some of my recommendations for souvenirs and other pitfalls to resist. Of course, it’s all about personal taste and discretion! If you love something and can afford it, ...

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Shopping List – 44 ‘Must Haves’ For Your Trip To Disney

Shopping List

Have you ever been sick on vacation? Stomach flu? Cold Virus? There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night feeling sick and not having easy access to some Pepto Bismol or NyQuil. This is just one of the things that a little preparation on the home front can keep your “vacation front” from being a possible ...

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