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Woman Arrested for Attacking Boyfriend After He Missed Their Disney Date

woman arrested hong kong disneyland
Credit: Disney

It’s been known that Disney fans love their time at the Disney Theme Parks—whether at the domestic Parks at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort or at international ones like Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, or Hong Kong Disneyland. Be it the wonderful entertainment—the parades like Magic Happens or Festival of Fantasy, or attractions and rides like Space Mountain, TRON Lightcycle/Run, and more, any Disney Fanatic will agree that the Disney Theme Park experience is a unique one. However, things can go very awry when it comes to devoted fans who miss their opportunity to visit the Parks, as in the case of a woman who got arrested when her Hong Kong Disneyland visit got derailed.

hong kong disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Park, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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As reported by The Standard, a Taiwanese woman was arrested for harming, and more specifically, cutting her boyfriend when he missed their Disney date to Hong Kong Disneyland. Per the report, the 20-year-old woman reportedly slashed her boyfriend with a razor because he woke up late and missed the date. The woman is said to have injured herself with the eyebrow razor that she used.

hk disneyland mickey mouse friends

Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters at Hong Kong Disneyland/Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

These events came to light when staff at a Mong Kok hotel on Prince Edward Road West, Hong Kong, reported seeing blood stains to the Hong Kong police around 3 a.m. out of concern that the couple had attempted suicide. The couple was sent to Kwong Wah Hospital to receive the proper medical attention they needed, and the woman was later arrested for wounding post the investigation.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Park castle, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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It was also reported that the boyfriend didn’t intend to press charges and that the woman is reported to have “emotional issues.” You can read the original report from The Standard here. As of the publishing of this article, it appears both parties are currently safe and the Mong Kok district crime squad is further investigating the case.

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