Top 10 Disney Pro Tips for Walt Disney World Rides

Tower of Terror

With a wide variety of rides and attractions at Walt Disney World, it can be overwhelming trying to choose which to choose to do. Once you’ve made the decision as to what rides to tide, try one of these tips to get the most out of your Disney ride experience!

10 – Soarin’ (Epcot) – the best advice we can offer when riding Soarin’ is to request a seat in the front row. This offers the best view as you won’t have any dangling feet in your view as you fly around the sights of California. If you don’t time the line correctly, you can always ask a Cast Member – at worst you will have to wait one more ride, but the view is definitely worth it!

9 – Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios) – Opinions differ, but we prefer to sit in the front on Tower of Terror for the same reasons we like the first row on Soarin’. It offers the best view when the elevator reaches the top of the shaft and the doors open and let you look out over the Studios. It also gives you the best seat to see all of the small details when moving through the elevator shafts and at the end of the ride!

8 – Swiss Family Treehouse (Magic Kingdom) – this tip probably tops them all, but we love going to the Swiss Family Treehouse just before Wishes is set to begin. Climb to the top of the treehouse and you will see some of the BEST views of Wishes you’ll ever see. You will have to time it correctly (or walk slowly) so you can see a good portion of the show!

7 – Kilimanjaro Safaris (Animal Kingdom) – the most important tip to offer when riding Kilimanjaro Safaris is to get there earlier in the morning when the animals are more active. As the day wears on and the temperature warms up, some of the animals are less active and spend the day sleeping in the sun. If you are spending the day at Animal Kingdom, either head straight there at rope drop or use one of your FastPasses for a morning caravan!

6 – Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) – we actually have two tips when tackling this ride. First, don’t overlook the single riders line. You can quickly sneak in a few extra rides on this ride if it doesn’t matter to you where you sit. The second tip is if you do care where you sit. The best views and ride experience are had in the first vehicle, preferably the front row. Much like other rides, if you don’t time it correctly in line, just ask the Cast Member if you can wait for the front, they will be happy to accommodate!

5 – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom) – because of how the ride vehicle is designed, the best seat to be had on Big Thunder is actually in the back. You won’t have the train engine blocking the view of what is ahead of you. Additionally, you won’t have to wait for the rest of the train to crest the hill before taking off on the wildest ride in the wilderness!

4 – Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom) – the advice we have to offer on this ride can be interpreted either as advice or a warning. Based on conversations we have had with Cast Members, the third row, left side is the seat that gets the wettest when dropping into the Briar Patch. If it is a hot day, you may welcome the drenching, but on a chillier night, you may want to steer clear. Also, be cautious of seats on the right hand side of the log because you could get an extra soaking towards the end of the ride from the waterfall as your waiting to descend into Brer Rabbit’s Homecoming!

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3 – The Great Movie Ride (Hollywood Studios) – did you know that there are two different acting scenes on this ride? During the ride, the tram is either boarded by a headstrong cowboy or a mobster running from a gunfight. Depending on your tastes, you can ask the Cast Member for a particular scene. However, during times when the ride isn’t busy, they may only be running one of the scenes.

2 – Test Track (Epcot) – much like Expedition Everest, don’t overlook the Single Riders line. The wait for the single riders line is often half of what the standby line is. The only potential downside of riding in the single riders line is that you may not get to design your own SimCar to try out on the track.

1 – Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom) – want to know where to stand so you avoid the mass of the crowd once the Stretching Room opens? When you enter the room, go towards the painting that has the young woman holding the sun umbrella. In both Stretching Rooms, this is where the wall opens and will let you sneak towards the front of group and hop on your Doom Buggy!

There are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to rides at Walt Disney World. Hopefully these tips help you enjoy your time at Walt Disney World and get a little bit more out of the rideds and attractions that you choose to experience. What is your favorite ride tip at Walt Disney World?

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