Top 10 Most Romantic Date Activities at Disney World

If you ask the average Disney-goer, he or she will probably acknowledge that there’s a magical quality to every Disney World experience. However, one of Disney’s most potent magical attributes is romance! Romances–both old and new–permeate Disney’s stories, songs, and culture. Whether you’ve gotten married at Disney World with the help of Disney Weddings, visited each year for your anniversaries, or you’re about to introduce your significant other to Disney parks, we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you! 

1. Bring out your adventurous side

There’s nothing like adrenaline and excitement to bring people together, and Disney excels when it comes to fun rides! If you and your significant other have always loved water sports, be sure to try the Animal Kingdom’s Kali River Rapids for a midday soak. If you prefer something exciting but slightly more understated, basking by your resort’s pools can be equally satisfying. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and Expedition Everest are great options for anyone who loves fast-paced rides–and for couples that like jump-scares, DINOSAUR or the Haunted Mansion could provide the thrills that you’re after!  

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2. Dine on Japanese cuisine

Morimoto Asia is known for its innovation, and if you’re a couple who prefers to be bold with meal choices rather than roller coasters, then this unique restaurant is the place for you! Extravagant chandeliers, high-sweeping ceilings, and private dining spaces will make you feel like royalty as you share sashimi platters. Don’t forget to ask about the specials, too; they change often, and can include delights like Japanese soda lined with melon boba pearls!

3. Visit France

Is there a country more famous for romance than France? We didn’t think so! You may not be able to really visit France for your anniversary, but Epcot’s version is the next best thing, and you can’t go wrong with a twilight meal at Chefs de France. Indulge in delectable cheese-boards, wine-marinated salmon, and desserts that will leave you both speechless!  

4. Enjoy a night out at the Grand Floridian

One of Disney resorts’ greatest offerings is their aforementioned dining. Even if you aren’t staying at a particular resort, you can still make a reservation there and enjoy the location’s signature aesthetic during your meal. The Grand Floridian is an excellent resort for this, since its high-end luxury makes it both elegant and romantic. Use a dinner reservation at Narcoossee’s as an excuse to get dressed up in your fanciest garb, and enjoy the princess-like experience as you make your grand entrance into the resort’s beautiful lobby! 

5. Stroll down Main Street

This activity is particularly well-suited to anyone who is celebrating big milestones, like 50-year anniversaries, or anyone who loves the idea of old-fashioned dates. When you’re walking hand-in-hand down the Magic Kingdom’s main thoroughfare, the buildings’ 1950s décor and nostalgic offerings will make you feel like you’re back on a first date at the carnival.   

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6. Head to the 1950’s

If a date night on Main Street made you long for more of the good old days, why not further embrace memory lane by going to the 50’s Primetime Café in Hollywood Studios? At this authentic café, fried chicken is a staple, black and white television shows are playing, and your waitress is just as likely to scold you for bad posture as she is to serve you a delicious milkshake. If you’re a couple who loves humorous banter and comfort food, this is the place for you!

7. Try international cuisines

If dinner reservations are a common feature on your date nights, then you’ll love Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival! This culinary extravaganza is held from July to November, and features everything from luxurious wines and desserts to fine-crafted snacks and beers (we’re particularly excited for the French coq au vin, Australian spice bush berry shrimp, Brazilian cheesy bread, and the Alpine creme-fraiche-adorned blueberry-almond frangipane tart). There’s also live music, so you and your loved one can dance along! 

Food and Wine Festival At Epcot In Walt Disney World

8. Enjoy a savanna-style campfire

Even the least-outdoorsy folks can enjoy a campfire under the stars, and the experience is even better when you’re surrounded by the residents of the Serengeti. At the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can enjoy an exotic, open-air ambience unlike any other. This is the perfect night to make memories, roast marshmallows, and enjoy some quality time together!

9. Watch a movie under the stars

It may have been a while since you’ve gone out to the movies for date night, but Disney will bring the movie magic to you! If you enjoyed your evening campfire, snuggle up further for your own unique outdoor ‘picture show’. There’s nothing like watching your favorite classic Disney couples fall in love, and it’s even better when you can share those romantic stories with someone by your side! 

Disney Movie Under The Stars

10. Leave time for spontaneity!

Walt Disney World’s staff and performers are always happy to engage with visitors, so be sure to keep some free time in your vacation’s schedule. You never know when a waiter might strike up conversation, or if a street performer will invite you over to take part in the act. Be sure to mention your romantic celebration for some extra (and oftentimes humorous) attention! 

Walt Disney World means different things to each of its guests, but magic, whimsy, and romance are interwoven throughout the World’s parks and resorts. It doesn’t matter if you and your loved one bond over thrills, or decadence, or relaxation; if you’re taking a couples’ trip to Disney World, you’re sure to “feel the love tonight” just like so many Disney characters have!  

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