Trump Labels DeSantis Battle a “Hoax,” Made Governor Look Like a “Fighter”

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The Disney vs. DeSantis battle has been long documented and finally came to a wrap recently, with the official law being passed that resulted in changing the special status afforded to Disney with Reedy Creek. But it appears not everyone is done talking about this occurrence. Businessman and former President of the United States Donald Trump recently commented on the event sharing his views on Disney vs. DeSantis, and the conclusion is certainly interesting.

Disney Pressured to Censor Kimmel

Donald Trump and Jimmy Kimmel; Trump reportedly attempted to pressure Jimmy Kimmel into censoring his show/Courtesy of Rolling Stone

Per former president Donald Trump, the Disney vs. DeSantis battle was fabricated to make the Florida Governor “look good” ahead of the GOP primaries, beginning with the Parental Rights in Education Act in Florida—known commonly as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Trump also alleged that Disney has given Ron DeSantis notable political donations and that the Walt Disney Company was, in fact, working with Florida Gov Ron DeSantis to make the latter more politically successful and prominent and paint DeSantis as a “fighter.”

Magic Kingdom Disney World

Disney characters at Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park/Courtesy of Disney

Trump shared,

“Ron DeSanctimonious totally caved in his public relations inspired battle with Disney,” the former president wrote on his Truth Social platform. “That’s the only reason he went after them in the first place, to show Mr. Tough Guy. Disney maintained complete exemption from property & sales tax, tax-free bonds, and their incredible fast track permitting. They also gave big political contributions to DeSanctus.”

However, this wasn’t all. The former president also encouraged people to read Richard Foglesong, someone Trump referenced as the “preeminent authority on Disney.”

Bob Iger Ron DeSantis

Disney CEO Bob Iger and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Foglesong shared with the Financial Times earlier this month that DeSantis’ new legislation “didn’t really end Disney’s special advantages.” The historian and political scientist also added that DeSantis’ appointees to the board overseeing Disney posed “a threat to Disney’s business interests.”

The latest on the Walt Disney World Resort-influencing board is that it will be made up of people personally appointed by the Governor himself. Disney has previously expressed that they hope the board will be cognizant of how much the Disney Resort has done for Florida tourism and keep the relationship between them and the Walt Disney Company remain cordial rather than contentious.

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