Unique and Creative Brownie-Based Treats You Can Get At Walt Disney World

Things are sweeter than ever at Walt Disney World Resort right now. And, if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with brownies at Walt Disney World, we have the lineup for you!

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23. Brownie Pie

You can sweeten your stroll about Main Street, U. S. A. in Magic Kingdom Park even further with a stop in at Main Street Confectionary. And it is here where you will find our first brownie-based recommendation—the Brownie Pie. This masterpiece of a morsel delivers up all the works, going above and beyond traditional brownie standards to include three different kinds of M&M’s candies (regular, caramel, and peanut varieties) along with milk chocolate drizzle.



22. Brownie Sundae at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies

This is one of many brownie-based sundaes to capture our attention. On location at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies, this decadent chill-down treat comes as a brownie decked out with vanilla soft-serve, topped with your choice of either hot fudge or strawberry.

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21. Mickey Brownie

You can’t beat the classics, and that iconic Mickey Mouse shape applied to any goodie makes it a classic. So these Mickey Mouse shaped brownies were destined to be a classic either way, but the fact that they are rich, moist, and decadent in their own right is a testament to their greatness all the same. You can get Mickey Brownies at two well-known bakeries throughout Disney World—at BoardWalk Bakery and at Amorette’s Bakery in Disney Springs. Take note, if you happen to be hanging around Disney’s BoardWalk Bakery, you may want to stop in at BoardWalk Ice Cream as well, for they feature a fabulous Bayside Brownie À la Mode worth noting, which comes as a rich and indulgent brownie, garbed in vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a crowning cherry.  

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20. Goodies at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Nothing compares to the savory rich chocolate Ghirardelli is world-renowned for crafting. So, it’s any chocolate lover’s dream come true to know that gorging on brownies that contain such goodness can be gotten right onsite at Ghirardelli Soda Foundation and Chocolate Shop in Disney Springs. Whether you want a brownie done the conventional way or one in a sundae sort of way, they’ve got you covered. On the latter note, we have two delightful recommendations— the Salted Caramel Brownie Sundae – Lands End and their Warm Brownie Sundae – Treasure Island. The first comes as a serving of vanilla ice cream with an entire brownie, caramel sauce, sea salt, hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry. The second pairs vanilla ice cream with half a brownie, hot fudge, whipped cream, diced almonds, and a cherry.

Credit: Ghirardelli

19. Ghirardelli Brownie a la Mode

Ironically enough, you can get another Ghirardelli brownie-based option not at Ghirardelli Soda fountain and Chocolate Shop but rather at Splitsville Dining Room. As part of their full dining menu you can order their Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie dessert, which comes topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry.

18. Brownie Sundae at Hollywood Scoops

Next, we head on over to Hollywood Studios, taking a detour to Hollywood Scoops to cool down with some refreshing ice cream. And it is here that they offer another brownie sundae pick. For this personal take, the delivery contains a house-made brownie, old-fashioned classic vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and a garnishment of whipped cream.

17. Seaside Brownie 

While in Hollywood Studios you may just want to stop by the quick-service Dockside Diner and get a more traditional filling of the classic brownie done up in a more elevated format via the Seaside Brownie presentation. This brownie rendition gets served up as a chocolate brownie topped with white chocolate ganache and a “seaside garnish.”

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16. Brownie À la Mode

Over at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop you can try many indulgent treats of the ice cream variation and otherwise. One such attention-grabbing delight any brownie lover will want to delve right into here is the Brownie À la Mode, served up as a moist, gooey chocolate brownie, covered in vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and that classic cherry on top.

Beaches and Cream


15. Brownie Sundae at the Warming Hut

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is one of the “coolest” places to chill down at in all of Walt Disney World. And it’s here at the Warming Hut where you can also find brownies being served up in sundae formation. Similarly, their version comes as vanilla soft-serve with hot fudge over a brownie with whipped cream and a cherry to keep things covered.

14. Nyala Brownie

Over at The Mara, on location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can uncover this novel take on the brownie. Standing out from others in both appearance and flavor compilation, the Nyala Brownie comes decked out with a peanut butter buttercream topping and features a vanilla buttercream stripe down the middle.

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13. Covered Wagon Sundae

You will be treated to family-style fun and dining at Trail’s End Restaurant over at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. And for dessert they feature the Covered Wagon Sundae. In its regular offering, the sundae comes as a compilation of ice cream, loaded with brownies, cookies, and chocolate covered bacon! A plant-based alternative omits the bacon. Either way, both recipes come with brownies.

12. Turtle Brownie

Sunshine Seasons food court, on location within the Land Pavilion in EPCOT, is easily one of the most versatile quick-service dining options in all of Disney World. And their line of bakery goods is pretty impressive too. And it is here that you can find a pleasingly decadent brownie offering—the Turtle Brownie. Going above and beyond the usual chocolate brownie, this beauty also unites the gooey goodness of caramel, pecans, chocolate chips, and chocolate frosting.

11. Brownie Sundae

You’ll find plenty of unique finds on the menu of San Angel Inn Restaurante in EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion. And it is here where you can again taste their house-specialty take on the Brownie Sundae. For this presentation you get a fudge brownie served up with dulce de leche ice cream and topped with cajeta sauce.

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10. Warm Brownie Sundae

Tamu Tamu Refreshments at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is a well-known snack hub where you can delight in plenty of palate-pleasers. And on the menu here is another sundae/brownie collaboration. Their version comes as a moist and decadent brownie served alongside ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.

9. Truffle Brownie

Over at Vivoli Il Gelato in Disney Springs you can enjoy this house specialty—the Truffle Brownie. Then you can upgrade your take on the traditional brownie with their Truffle Brownie A la Mode, in which you get to customize your dessert via their in-house brownie bar, choosing your own desired flavor of gelato, sauce, and whipped cream.

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8. Brownies and Blondies

Cooke’s of Dublin is a great quick-service stop to make in Disney Springs. And while the menu serves up plenty of diverse eats (of the Irish kind), it’s here where they offer two delightful brownie exclusives. First there is their Baked Chocolate & Marshmallow Brownie, which is pretty self-explanatory as to what it entails. The second isn’t exactly a brownie per se but rather a “blondie”—more specifically their Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie.

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7. House of Blues Brownie

Disney’s House of Blues in Disney Springs is a well-known favorite of locals and visitors alike. And their house specialty featured brownie deserves its own publicity for being such an indulgent concoction. Here you get all the warm, rich goodness of a homemade brownie crowned with refreshing vanilla ice cream and creamy peanut butter sauce topping.

6. Brownies, and Brownie Bites, and Brookies, Oh My!

You may not automatically think about a place like Earl of Sandwich offering up such enticing dessert options, but rest assured that a detour to this favorite sandwich spot in Disney Springs offers many such sweet endings. As for brownies, you can choose from a full-size traditional classic house offering or assorted bite sized versions. But their most innovative variation of all is their “Brookie”, which comes as a perfect 50/50 balance between a cookie and brownie.

5. Brownie Cheesecake Star Jar

Planet Hollywood stands as another Disney Springs acclaimed favorite. And while they offer up an enticing array of full meal options, it’s their beyond-conventional classic Brownie Cheesecake Star Jar that has many raving. This dessert features a double chocolate brownie layered with chocolate pudding and cheesecake. Topping it all off is a garnishment of vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate sauce drizzle.

Credit: Planet Hollywood


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4. Mom’s Brownie

50’s Prime Time Café is a fun place to dine in at over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And while they feature plenty of home-cooked comforts worthy of a standing ovation, it’s their simple brownie dessert offering that’s anything but “simple.” Here it’s dished out as Mom’s Brownie—an enticing presentation of a rich, decadent chocolate brownie, served up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and classic chocolate sauce.

3. Sparkling Volcano

This dessert is a Rainforest Café exclusive hit with fans venturing to either the Animal Kingdom location or the one at Disney Springs. It comes as an impressively large chocolate brownie cake, stacked high and served up with a pile of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel and chocolate sauces.

2. Glimmer and Shimmer Blondie

Blonde brownies may have more fun, and it may just be more fun eating them. You be the judge when you head on over to Backlot Express at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to sink your teeth into this glimmery, shimmery novelty, which combines toffee and toasted coconut consistency with salted caramel buttercream and golden nuggets.

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1. 50th Celebration Baked Alaskan

While you’re over at Hollywood Studios, you may want to head to the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant for a satisfying meal and then this sweet sendoff. In honor of the ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations happening throughout Walt Disney World Resort, this take on classic Baked Alaskan comes as a star-studded ensemble of dessert favorites, including layers of strawberry-basil sorbet, vanilla gelato, and sponge cake coated in toasted meringue and—you guessed it–caramelized brownie bites.

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These are by no means the only decadent selections of brownies you will find delight in around Walt Disney World Resort. Many quick service stops and resort food courts have packaged offerings or allergy-friendly variations available to guests on the go. And then there are also those forever-emerging specialty offerings or those that arrive for a limited time. Just remember that options for decadent desserts and great goodies to delight in at Walt Disney World Resort are unending, and you don’t need a national holiday as an excuse to take a brownie-based nose dive in, although having an excuse to do so surely helps!

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