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It seems so hard to believe, but nearly three years ago, the world shut down as the COVID-19 pandemic spread to corners of the globe. Every business was affected by the pandemic, including theme parks. Nearly every theme park shut down — with some Disney and Universal Studios theme parks being shut down for more than a year. When the Parks finally did reopen, there were so many protocols in place, including social distancing, mobile food orders, capacity limits, and mask mandates.

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For a lot of the theme parks — including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disneyland, and Universal Studios Hollywood — the mask mandates, as well as all other COVID safety protocols, have fallen by the wayside as the virus has subsided and more people become vaccinated. However, there are still some countries taking the threat of COVID very seriously. This includes Japan.

Tokyo Disneyland

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Both Universal Studios Japan and the Tokyo Disney Resort still have mask mandates in place. But it looks like that will soon be changing. According to reports, beginning March 13, Japan will relax its mask requirements, meaning the theme parks can do the same. Per a report from NHK World Japan, a local Japanese news source:

It now plans to allow people to make their own choices about wearing masks both indoors and outdoors.

The government plans to recommend wearing a mask when seeing a doctor or using crowded public transportation.

It will also stress that masks are effective in protecting people at higher risk of serious illness while they are visiting crowded places when the virus is spreading.

In addition, the government will urge people to refrain from going out if they have symptoms or if a family member in the same household tests positive. If people in such situations cannot avoid going out for hospital visits or other reasons, they will be urged to avoid crowded places and wear masks.

Super Mario World Universal Japan

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Universal is taking advantage of the date and letting Guests know that they will soon be able to enjoy the Park maskless.

Universal Studios Japan shared the following message on Twitter.

[Notice] Rules for wearing masks in the park (indoor/outdoor areas)

In response to the government’s “review of the way of thinking about wearing masks”,
From March 13, 2023 (Monday), wearing a mask will be based on individual judgment.

At this time, we do not know if The Oriental Land Company will make a statement with regard to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. As you may know, Disney does not technically own the Tokyo Disneyland Resort, so they do not have full decision-making abilities.

Disney Fanatic will let our readers know if Tokyo Disney shares any updates on its current policy, which requires all Guests to wear masks. Proof of vaccination may still be required, even as mask requirements are relaxed.

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