Universal Calls Out Disney Fans For Selling Ridiculous Merchandise

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There are so many merchandise options when you visit a Disney theme park. Everything from home decor, clothing, toys, snacks, and more. When certain in-demand items are released, they quickly sell out and are posted on the sites like eBay for a lot more money. Heck, some Guests even try to make a profit off things Disney has given out for free. While it’s true that huge Disney fans will shell out some serious cash for almost everything, some Guests may have taken things too far this time.

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On January 23, Splash Mountain officially closed at Walt Disney World Resort. After being open for more than 30 years, the attraction is receiving a retheme and will become Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. All day on January 22, Guests waited hours to ride the iconic attraction one last time, and some grabbed a piece of the attraction while they waited. I’m not talking about a rock or a piece of paint they scraped off. I am talking about water — Splash Mountain water.

Splash Mountain

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What’s more, those Guests then went on eBay to try to sell the water. Yes, if you go on eBay, you can find Splash Mountain water that says it was collected on the ride’s last opening day. Some of the water is in glass jars, and some were in actual Ziploc bags (not sure how well that will ship). If you think that sounds ridiculous, you aren’t the only one.

Splash Mountain Water eBay

Screenshot Credit: TK Bosacki/Disney Fanatic

Universal Orlando Resort — who loves to be sassy on social media — called out Disney Guests for trying to sell attraction water. The Resort shared a picture of Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls and confirmed that the water was not for drinking or selling.

If you’re wondering why the Resort would say not to drink the water (which should be obvious), it’s a callback to a time when Guests were going viral for drinking water from the fountains in Disney World. Not the drinking fountains, but the decorative fountains, and yes, they could get seriously ill from doing so because of potential bacteria in the water.

This is not the first time that a Disney competitor has poked fun at Disney World or its Guests. On January 23, SeaWorld shared a picture of one of its water rides, with the caption “Splashing Into Monday”.


Credit: Disney

Splash Mountain will remain closed for more than one year and will open in late 2024 as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The attraction will also be rethemed at Disneyland Resort, but that Splash Mountain is still open.

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