PHOTOS: Unleash Your Inner Rapunzel in This Fairy Tale Tower

rapunzel tangled tower

Calling all Disney princess fans! If you’ve dreamed of your own Disney princess castle, palace, or cottage, then you’ve probably always assumed that it was just a dream (i.e. a wish your heart makes). But fortunately, Disney princess homes do exist in real life — and an actual Rapunzel tower has just gone on the market for anyone who wants to combine the romance of a fixer-upper with the magic of Disney!

Which Tangled character are you ?

The 2010 movie Tangled stars Mandy Moore as Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider and Eugene Fitzherbert. Credit: Disney

rapunzel tangled tower

This stone building is a gorgeous high tower with history, majesty, and some rustic qualities. Credit:

Check out the beautiful tower above! This tower is called Binnhill Tower; it’s “a stone-built, four-story Gothic tower built in circa 1813 with a stunning hilltop location in the village of Kinfauns”. The tower might be four stories, but the stone building actually only stands 80 feet high!

The tower is situated right in a nice quiet corner of the woods, just like the tower that Disney princess Rapunzel has lived in, and it offers amazing views of both the River Tay and the Lomond Hills nearby. The village of Kinfauns is far enough away to allow for a remote, wild feeling, but still close enough for security and convenience.

Rapunzel wedding dress

An Allure Bridals wedding dress representing Rapunzel from the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection. This tower is a dead ringer for the tower on sale! Credit: Allure Bridals

The fact that there’s actual history to go with this stone tower makes it even more fascinating. Apparently, Lord Francis Gray (the 14th Lord Gray) built the tower as an observatory. At the time, the land was part of the estate grounds of Kinfauns Castle (that castle is still not very far away, and it’s an “A-listed Gothic mansion” that is owned by Scottish businesswoman Ann Gloag, who is a co-founder of the Stagecoach company).

The description of the tower includes the following: “This prominent landmark represents a truly rare and unique opportunity for anyone seeking a historic and romantic building that is ripe for a Grand Designs-style transformation.”

rapunzel tangled tower


As in any Disney princess fairy tale, the tower will only become a true fairy tale destination with a little hard work. Binnhill Tower does come with some land, and it has apparently been legally permitted “to be restored and converted into a dwelling”, so this tower is a perfect purchase for anyone who loves home improvement shows and Disney princess fairy tales!

The “arched front door” and “octagonal spiral staircase” will already add to the enchantment of this building, and it’s surprisingly well-suited for renovation. Estate agents say that the first floor and ground floor are “almost identical in size”, with “the benefit of a southwest-facing gothic window to capture the sublime vista that unfolds below the tower”. They would recommend using those floors for a kitchen for “cooking under the inspiration of the far-reaching views”.

One of the best things about this tower? It’s located in the gorgeous countryside of Scotland, meaning that you can combine your love of Rapunzel and Tangled with your love of Merida and Brave! Imagine the magic of sitting in your cozy sitting room with an amazing view out the window of your high tower!


Merida in the 2012 movie ‘Brave’. Credit: Disney Pixar

Do you want to live out some Disney princess dreams and adventures in this Scottish tower? If so, keep an eye out for hidden Pascals or will-o-the-wisps!

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