Walt Disney World Attraction Gets ‘Zootopia’ Takeover

animation experience zootopia

In celebration of the recent Zootopia+ Disney+ show, one Walt Disney World ride has a Zootopia takeover going on for Guests to enjoy.

The Walt Disney World Resort is known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” It has many a ride and attraction—think “Haunted Mansion” in Magic Kingdom Park, “Tower of Terror” in Disney’s Hollywood Studios—that keeps Guests flocking back for more for their Disney vacation. One of the best things about the Disney Resort is the immersive nature of its experience and its ability to let Guests fully experience their favorite movies.

pandora animal kingdom

Pandora, Disney’s Animal Kingdom/Disney

In celebration of Zootopia+ Disney is now allowing Guests to learn to draw some of their favorite characters from the Academy Award-winning film, Zootopia (2016) as well as the new Disney+ original series while visiting The Animation Experience at Conservation Station. The attraction is located in Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

animation experience conservation station

The Animation Experience at Conservation Station, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Guests will have the opportunity to learn from the best wherein they can join Disney animators for a 25-minute-long class where Guests will learn to draw beloved characters like Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Flash, and more!

Animators will guide you step-by-step along the way, helping Guests bring these characters to life with just a paper and pencil while sharing some little-known fun facts about the world of Zootopia. In the spirit of the Disney Park, Guests will also be able to learn about the real-world animals these characters are inspired by.

magic kingdom disney world

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World/Disney

The directors of the new series, Trent Corey and Josie Trinidad will also be present and will share how Disney’s Animal Kingdom was a big inspiration to the filmmakers of the original Zootopia film and the new Zootopia+ series! As if all this weren’t enough, Guests will even have the chance to learn more about the conservation efforts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom dedicated to protecting animals around the world.

One thing is for sure, Disney certainly knows how to take an experience to the next level!

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