Why Would You Do That to ‘Toy Story’?

Lightyear team fired at Pixar
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It all seemed so perfect. Everything was wrapped up so nicely. Andy headed off to college and passed down the toys to a new generation of kids. And then, it was back. Disney/Pixar decided that the story wasn’t over just yet. Toy Story 4 (2019) would get the band back together for one last ride. But that would be the end, right? Buzz and Woody went their own way.  The toys all found happiness, and so did the audience.  All was right with the world.

And now they’re back together again. Bob Iger announced to Disney shareholders that the studio would be bringing back the gang for Toy Story 5 for some reason. Despite being replaced in Lightyear (2022), Tim Allen just confirmed that he will be joining the cast for the new installment, but without Tom Hanks, really, what’s the point?

Toy Story

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After Toy Story 4 made more than $1 billion, it was inevitable that another movie in the series would be released, even though no one really asked for it.   No details have yet come out about a possible script, but fear not, Twitter was there to fill in some of the blanks.

Twitter users went to town on possible new ideas for a script using #YourBadToyStory5Pitch. It went from the downright comical and quickly headed into a dark place.

@AshleyLCarter1 had high hopes that Buzz and Woody could somehow save the day, but that seems unlikely. Previously, User @DanSlott started the slow descent into the dark abyss of our collective childhoods. Just picture that once-young Andy at 90, and it kind of makes you want to sit in a dark room for a while.

When the ball started rolling downhill, it went quickly to that dark spot.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, @SoulinkChu.

@SamKurnit decided to turn the movie into our collective nightmare.

Fans will have plenty of time to use their imaginations for new plotlines.  With the announcement of the new movie coming a short time ago and Pixar’s calendar full up until at least 2024 with two new movies, including a sequel to Inside Out, the audience may not be seeing this installment until at least 2025.  And let’s not forget, there is no definite word that Tom Hanks has signed on.

With the potential release two years from now, that would mark the 30th Anniversary since the original installment was released.  It would seem to be the perfect bookend; the kids who saw the film in 1995 can now take their own children to see the latest adventure in 2025.  Now that’s how Disney does nostalgia.

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