Disney+ Update: ‘The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse’ Trailer Has Been Released

Screenshot from the new Disney+ trailer

Mickey Mouse and his friends usually take center stage during the holiday season with classic Mickey Mouse holiday specials or Disney specials on Disney+, but now Mickey is finally getting his own new animated original special with classic Disney characters on the streaming service! On February 18, the new original special The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse will become available — and we have the trailer here!

Winter usually gets a bad rap after Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are over, so it’s exciting to see that this winter special is entirely devoted to enjoying all of the wonderful things that can actually make winter, snow, and cold weather magical. The show will follow Mickey and his pals Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck as they enjoy winter activities like “playing in the snow”, trying out a “cabin retreat”, dodging an avalanche, and “ice skating” (as a “romantic winter treat” for a sweetheart holiday with Minnie that goes awry).

It’s clear from the trailer that Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck’s plans for a peaceful, refreshing, enjoyable winter trip will involve all sorts of hijinks and opportunities for physical comedy to amuse audiences– which, of course, is something that the classic animated Disney characters excel at!


Screenshot from Disney+ trailer

Mickey and his pals will also be sporting a unique, distinctly-vintage Disney Television Animation style that many Disney+ viewers are going to find surprisingly appealing. The vibrant colors of the animation are nice nods to the modern age of animation that we live in, and that has been reflected through recent Walt Disney Animation Studios movies like Encanto, but the illustration style still feels like a throwback to the Mickey of old.


Screenshot from Disney+ trailer

Since lots of Disney+ viewers have been getting fatigued and overwhelmed by the string of sleek, oftentimes futuristic content on Disney+, we’re guessing that this particular winter special and its classic Disney characters are actually going to be a big hit with Disney viewers! The Disney+ original special is a great special for anyone who used to watch The Wonderful World of Disney as well as any new viewers who would like something a little more old-school and classic than CGI.

This new Disney+ special looks like it also mixes nostalgia with winter cheer, and the overall effect will be a hygge one that feels like a warm hug (and maybe makes us all appreciate winter a little bit more in the process).

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