You Haven’t Truly Experienced Hollywood Studios Unless You’ve Done These 11 Things

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Out of all the parks at Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios is probably one of the more under-appreciated ones; the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom are usually the first to pop into visitors’ heads. However, just a brief look at the list of attractions in Hollywood Studios can remind you of its value. Here are eleven reasons to give Hollywood Studios some attention!

11) The Sci-Fine Dine-In Theater Restaurant. Drive-in movies are often considered to be classics, and this restaurant provides visitors with a wonderfully entertaining and unique way to pass the time. Watch some short black and white “sci-fi” films–often of the delightfully cliche variety–and grab some all-American burgers while you watch! Did we mention that this diner features tables that are literally shaped like cars? You get all the enjoyment of a typical drive-in movie, without any of the pesky temperatures and mosquitoes that come from a night outside!

10) Echo Lake. There are lots of wonderful spots to rest and get a nice view within the Disney parks (find out more in “Top 10 Places to Stop and Smell the Roses at Disney”), and this pond is most certainly on the list in Hollywood Studios. Sometimes nice rest spots are a bit out of the way, but this pond’s location gives you a great chance to relax with a snack and keep an eye out for any street performances at the same time!

9) Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. This “museum” is a crucial must-have on your list of Disney to-dos, featuring both the detail of a typical museum and the signature magic of Walt Disney World. Don’t miss this one–after all, how can you go to Walt Disney World without learning a bit about the man himself? That would be like going to a party and having fun without meeting the host!

8) The Voyage of the Little Mermaid. One of Hollywood Studios’ best qualities is its indoor rides and shows; after all, Florida’s heat can be a bit much, especially for visitors from other countries or states. As the Little Mermaid theme might suggest, this attraction is in a particularly cool–and only slightly wet–setting. Sitting in a comfortable auditorium watching a talented cast and admiring wonderful costumes under ever-changing lights and bubbles–all of the above makes for a fantastic experience!

7) Street performances. Epcot might be more well-known for its “impromptu” street shows, but Hollywood Studios can bring the unexpected fun just as easily! Parades, dance performances and flash mobs are always liable to happen (Citizens of Hollywood is a particular favorite) so try to keep some space in your Disney day’s schedule for whatever surprises might come along!

6) The Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage. Disney’s film Beauty and the Beast contains a lot of glamorous clothes, rich colors, and elegant, lively music; the same can be said for this live version! You might not have seen the movie in a while, but this show will make you watch it again, with amazing Cast Members, costumes that will even impress colorblind visitors, and all the romance and magic of the film’s story!

5) 50’s Prime Time Cafe. There is, without a doubt, fantastic food at every Walt Disney World location, and the same is always true in Disney’s parks. Disney is also known for its adherence to themes, so when you go to this cafe, prepare for authenticity! The waitresses won’t hesitate to sass you when it comes to table manners, and there’s more than enough black-and-white television to go around; if you were in the mood to time travel, this is the spot, and even if you weren’t, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake is worth it.

4) The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. There is something to be said for a ride that features darkness, or for a ride that features incredible speed, but this roller coaster features both. Because this is one of the park’s more thrilling rides, the wait can be a bit long, but speeding across highways with Aerosmith–and even going upside down–is more than worth it!

3) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. There are a lot of classic Disney rides, and this one does not disappoint. The journey through the building is much creepier than the ride itself, but the gravity-defying ride is still just as exhilarating–and nerve-wracking–as its name might suggest. Buckle up tightly and enjoy the glimpses of an incredible view as you plummet!

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2) The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. When it comes to picking one of the best attractions at a park, universal appeal should always be a big factor, and this attraction definitely fits the bill. Everyone in your family will love this show–why? Because it features action, historical information, comedy, and (as the name would suggest) stunts. Not only does this show entertain its entire audience and leave them laughing, it also coincides flawlessly with the overall Hollywood theme of the park. Bonus perk? You get to be in the shade for a while.

1) Fantasmic!. This show is, quite possibly, the large-scale show of all large-scale shows — at least at Walt Disney World. If there is an attraction that perfectly sums up what Disney is all about while also bedazzling viewers with music, fireworks, and presentation, it is Fantasmic!. Here, you can see a staggering amount of Disney characters, movie references, magic, and, of course, Mickey Mouse as a true Disney hero. This show is very popular–understandably–and it is at night, so you’ll need to plan a bit in advance, but this show is also the quintessential Disney experience, making it an excellent one with which to begin or end your vacation!

Disney is nothing if not committed, so when Hollywood is in the Disney park’s name, Hollywood is what you get; however, even though this park has a strong theme, it is still packed with surprises for Disney-goers–so have fun and set some Hollywood time aside in your vacation’s schedule!

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