A Tribute to Animated Farm Animal Friends From Disney Films

Home on the Range
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One major constant we’ve seen implemented throughout various works from Walt Disney Entertainment over the years is the incorporation of amiable animal characters. The most recognizable face of Disney, after all, is none other than the iconic Mickey Mouse. But there have also been many others, including a whole host of farm-friendly familiars. From those loving creatures who appear in traditional livestock formation to the many other more anthropomorphic characters with a farm-based nature, we’re paying a tribute to the broad array of farm animal friends we’ve grown to love in Disney Animation throughout the years. Here’s a shoutout to our top 10 picks.

10. The Three Little Pigs

As first featured in one of the 75 animated shorts comprising of Disney’s Silly Symphony series back in 1933, these title porcine characters stage a reenactment of a traditional classic story we all know so well. In Disney’s version, the three brothers are named Fifer Pig, Fiddler Pig, and Practical Pig. Can you guess which one ends up building his house out of bricks?  

Three Little Pigs
Credit: D23

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9. Hen Wen

For those who have seen Disney’s admittedly underrated animated film, The Black Cauldron from 1985, you’ll likely remember this powerful piggy. Not only is she owned by a wizard, but Hen Wen herself just happens to possess clairvoyant abilities, which is why she is so coveted by the Horned King.

Hen Wen isn’t the only farm animal to appear in the film, however. Other featured creatures we get to see on Dallben’s farm also include a goat and several geese.

Hen Wen

8. Cast of Home on the Range

Home on the Range from 2004 is another oftentimes overlooked Disney animated film. But it also happens to be one comprising of the most farm animals within a single work. Making up the menagerie of farm friends featured in this flick are the following:

  • Maggie is a former show cow and the newest animal to find residence at Little Patch of Heaven farm.
  • Mrs. Calloway is a wise cow leader of sorts to the animals who make their home at Little Patch of Heaven.
  • Grace, while not the most brilliant of bovines, does exude a positive, optimism about her and a very Zen way of looking at life.
  • Jeb is the opposite of Grace in the fact that he is a rather grumpy, pessimistic goat, to say the least.
  • Buck is a high-strung horse with hopes of being a hero someday, but he does possess a rather arrogant exterior.
  • Patrick, another horse (and a rather gullible one at that), Patrick was actually selected to be Buck’s replacement following a misinterpretation from owner Rico that branded Buck as being “skittish” around cows.
  • Lucky Jack is a rabbit who happens to have a “lucky” wooden leg
  • Junior is a buffalo who only favors cows above all other animals.
  • Audrey is a rather nervous hen who also happens to live on the farm. She was voiced by the late Estelle Harris.
Home on the Range Cows
Credit: D23

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7. Clarabelle Cow

Among Mickey’s extended group of friends, you will find many with a livestock basis in nature. And one such lady worth mooing over is Clarabelle Cow. Clarabelle’s presence in Disney Animation dates back to 1928. Recognizable for her tall stature, classic cowbell-inspired jewelry, and constant “mooing,” Clarabelle may not be the most popular of Mickey’s pals but she is still iconic in Disney history.

Clarabelle Cow
Credit: Disney

6. Horace Horsecollar

Another underrated part of Mickey’s gang is this horsey bud, whose presence in Disney Animation actually dates back to an earlier Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon. When he first appeared in a Mickey Short, however, his role was more of a domesticated horse pet, not unlike Pluto in his relationship to Mickey. By the 1930s, however, Horace Horsecollar took on a more anthropomorphic persona and became a regular in Mickey’s group of friends.

Horace Horsecollar
Credit: Disney

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5. Clara Cluck

Clara Cluck is another oldie who goes almost completely unrecognized today. While Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar still have moderate reprisals every now and then, far more of the younger group of Disney fans today scratch their heads in trying to jog any viable memories of this great big hen. But for those with vague recollections, she is that large chicken opera singer most often seen wearing a great blue bonnet.

Clara Cluck
Credit: D23

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4. Lady Cluck

A more recognizable hen who sometimes gets mistaken for Clara Cluck is Lady Kluck, who appeared in Disney’s all-animal animated rendition of Robin Hood from 1973. Serving as the lady-in-waiting for Maid Marian, Lady Kluck has also put in appearances in other Disney works throughout the years as well, including Mickey’s Christmas Carol from 1983, where she appears as one of the guests at Fezziwig’s party and in Bedknobs and Broomsticks from 1971, where she can be seen dancing with the secretary bird.

Lady Kluck
Credit: Disney

3. Alan-A-Dale

Another feathered farm friend featured in Disney’s Robin Hood is Alan-A-Dale. Presented as a rooster, he serves as the film’s primary narrator of sorts and carries out the usual minstrel/storyteller role which is common in other retellings of the traditional Robin Hood legend.

Credit: D23

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2. Gideon the Goat

In getting back to Mickey’s friends, we can’t overlook this guy. While his presence is largely limited more so to comics, he’s still a goat worth noting. Appearing in the same usual anthropomorphic format as others in Mickey’s gang, Gideon Goat has been featured in various storylines throughout the 1930s. In most instances he takes on the role of farmer, or even that of the local sheriff. On another side note, Gideon Goat also happens to have a wife named Gertie.

1. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck

These two plucky pals of Mickey are perhaps the most well-known of all farm-based friends within Walt Disney Entertainment. We all know and love Donald Duck so entirely, along with his other half, Daisy Duck. Also, by extension, it’s worth noting that all the other birds in their bunch should also be paid due respect in our honored countdown to top farm friends in Disney. Some other honorable mentions include Scrooge McDuck, Della Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Gus Goose, Darkwing Duck, Webby, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie, among many others.

Donald and Daisy
Credit: Disney

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There are plenty of other farm friends we could go on mentioning. Piglet, for instance, gets an honorable mention, although he is more stuffed animal than actual pig. Pua and Heihei live freely on Moana’s island, but should still be recognized for their piggy and chicken origins. Then there’s Cinderella’s horse Major, who is more companion pet than livestock ensemble. And don’t forget about all those other barnyard buddies featured in various live-action films as well. All the same, Disney animal pals deserve honors, accolades, and a shoutout to show our love and appreciation for each and every one of them.

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