Unusual Disney Pets Whose Owners Love Them

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We all love our pets, and Disney characters are no different. From fair maidens who keep pet mice, to mice who own pet dogs, we’ve seen a myriad of different combinations throughout the years. And sometimes we even get to experience the unique onscreen bonds between owners and what can only be described as less-than-conventional companions. Here are nine such examples of Disney’s most unusual pets whose owners love them dearly.

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9. A Spectacular Specter

While dogs are admittedly common pets to own, there’s nothing usual about owning one who also happens to be a ghost. And that is the case with Zero—the pet of Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s stop-motion animation hit The Nightmare Before Christmas from 1993. But in all fairness, when you do stop to consider what’s normal in Halloween Town, Zero isn’t really unusual at all.

Jack and Zero
Credit: Disney

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8. A Lovable Lizard

Having a chameleon isn’t the most unusual pet to own, but it is far less common than the more traditional dog or cat companion. But Pascal, the ultimate lovable lizard from Disney’s computer-animated hit Tangled (2010), is an endearing presence. It’s no wonder why the lonely protagonist of this film finds such solace in him. He’s also very likely the only other companion she’s had to talk to (besides her so-called “mother”) for a long time. He proves his friendship by sticking by her side through everything, from her time locked in the tower to her adventures out in the real world.

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7. Monkey Business and a Terrific Tiger

Pet monkeys are considered exotic pets for the fortunate few who can lay claim to owning one these days. And they certainly aren’t in short supply in Agrabah—the setting for Disney’s Aladdin (1992). On that note, it’s worth mentioning that the title character’s best friend and sidekick happens to be an agile, kleptomaniac little monkey in a fez hat named Abu. Despite all his shortcomings, however, you can’t help but love Abu and think him the cutest thing around!

Credit: Disney

Not to be outdone, Aladdin isn’t the only one with bragging rights for owning a unique animal companion. His very own love interest, Princess Jasmine, is also known to mingle with exotics. In her case, it’s a faithful feline friend named Rajah, who lives by her side within the palace walls. But this isn’t just any feline. Rajah just happens to be a tiger—a gentle giant who loves his owner and is fiercely protective of her, to say the least.

Rajah, Aladdin
Credit: Disney

6. Farm Friends on an Island

Roosters don’t often make the list of common house pets. And in even further deviation from this already-established fact is the reality that Hei Hei is not a common rooster. In fact, he appears to be admittedly dimwitted and slow. All the same, he is an endearing companion for the title character of Disney’s computer-animated production of Moana (2016). In some ways, he is a steady reminder of her people and her village throughout her journey.

Pua and Heihei
Credit: Disney

Hei Hei isn’t the only animal ally Moana has, however. There’s also Pua—a cute little pig pal. Although Pua does not accompany Moana on her voyage the way Hei Hei “accidentally” ends up doing, he is still a sweet, benevolent buddy we can see Moana maintains a true bond with.

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5. Woodland Allies

Fans of Disney’s animated adaptation of Pocahontas (1995) will remember that the title heroine had a number of bucolic buddies by her side. One was an adorable little raccoon pal named Meeko. Sometimes greedy and often hungry, Meeko is not meek by anyone’s standard. But he is downright adorable, and we can see Pocahontas values his constant companionship.

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Pocahontas has feathered friends as well, like the ornate little hummingbird called Flit. Despite his tiny stature, he leaves a big impression on both the title character as well as the audience that gets to take such delight in watching his fast-flying antics throughout the film.

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4. A “Deer” Buddy to Have

The reindeer companion from Disney’s Frozen franchise, Sven, is more than just a pet or work animal; he is a best friend to his owner, Kristoff. From the very beginning of the first film, we even get a glimpse of when Kristoff was a boy and how he and Sven grew up together. Theirs is a truly deep bond of brotherhood.

Credit: Disney

3. A Fiery Cutie

Kristoff isn’t the only character from the Frozen storyline to wind up finding friendship with a loving animal companion. In Frozen II we finally get to see Elsa branch out and become more social with other living creatures in general. And this ultimately includes making friends with a special little salamander named Bruni. Downright adorable in just about every way imaginable, Bruni and Elsa share more than just a bond of friendship; they both happen to possess unique magical abilities. In Bruni’s case, he possesses fire-like powers—an antithesis, somewhat, to Elsa’s ice powers. All the same, they say opposites attract and these two certainly demonstrate that.

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2. A Dragon for the Keeping

Bruni can almost be considered a little dragon of sorts, but there’s nothing little about the actual dragon we know as Elliot. The titular dragon in Pete’s Dragon, in both the 1977 version as well as the 2016 reboot, Elliot is the faithful friend of a young, lonely boy named Pete. While both stories take on vastly different plots, the fact that these two characters share such a strong bond of friendship for one another remains the same.

Pete's Dragon
Credit: USA Today

1. An Amiable Alien

Up until this point we’ve seen some pretty rare creatures, but none so rare as the genetically-engineered extraterrestrial we know as Stitch. As the dual protagonist of the animated film Lilo & Stitch from 2002, Stitch sometimes gets referred to as Lilo’s adopted “dog,” although his makings couldn’t be further from those of a canine. In fact, he resembles more of a blue-colored koala than anything else. But he does act the role of a traditional pet, just the same. However, in some ways, Lilo and Stitch appear to be peers although Lilo is undeniably his caretaker.

Credit: Disney

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Disney has provided a plethora of diverse pet kinds over the years. While all are distinctly diverse from one another, all share the commonality of being loyal, lovable companions to their doting owners.

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