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Who Are Disney’s Palace Pets? We’ve Got The Introductions


Released some years back, Disney’s Palace Pets were conceived as an intended spinoff to the popular Disney Princess franchise, taking on more of a cute animal approach not unlike Hasbro’s My Little Pony or Littlest Pet Shop toy lines. Each of the Palace Pets were created in the likeness of the various Disney Princesses we all know and love. And the product line has grown tremendously though out the years among young fans.

By launching a Disney Palace Pets app and with the production of the Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets animated series through a collaboration of Ghostbot Studios and Disney Publishing, the storyline developed even more solid grounding. So was established a well-versed plot in which Disney’s Palace Pets rule over an all-animal kingdom known as Whisker Haven with the help and guidance of a hummingbird fairy known as Ms. Featherbon.

In dutifully overseeing all of their critter citizens, known as “critizens,” the Palace Pets are loyal, loving, devoted, and kind. But just who exactly are the individual Palace Pets? Here we are providing a Who’s Who of sorts, classified in order by each Disney Princess alias.

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Snow White


This “berry” faithful companion was discovered by Snow White one day while out on a stroll in the forest. Snow White found her hiding beneath a blueberry bush, a shy azure-colored bunny with a hearty appetite and a fondness for berries in particular.



This lovable blue pony, who also belongs to Snow White, also has a taste for sweet things, and loves her owner’s delectable pies and other goodies. Second to sweet treats she loves performing tricks and brightening up the day for others.



Snow White and her dwarf friends first discovered this kindhearted, yellow poodle dog eagerly helping a small, woodland bird who had fallen to the ground. From that day forward, she has been by Snow White’s side, and together they go about rescuing other woodland creatures when it is needed.


Snow White first spotted this adorable kitten outside digging within the Royal Gardens. Proving herself to have a “green paw” and love for growing things, she has been Snow White’s faithful gardening companion ever since.


Despite being prickly in physique, this cuddly blue hedgehog was found by Snow White one cold winter’s day just as she was starting her hibernation cycle. Snow White brought her home and into warmth, and in return, Thistleblossom warmed Snow White’s heart even more.

Madame Hamilot

Berry isn’t the only one who loves berries. Similar to when Snow White discovered Berry, Berry discovered this cute little yellow hamster in a similar situation—snacking on some satisfying strawberries. So, Berry brought this new friend home to Snow White accordingly.

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As an anniversary gift, Prince Charming brought home this lovable little white poodle puppy to Cinderella. Pumpkin loves the palace life and attending balls in particular, where she can dance and twirl to her heart’s delight.



This little pony, who was gifted to Cinderella by her Fairy Godmother on her wedding day, may be small but she has a helpful and kindhearted nature about her. She is happiest when best serving others and finds sincere joy in doing chores.


An admittedly chubby blue Persian cat who loves palace living, Slipper has a remarkable ability to uncover beautiful objects, which Cinderella always finds helpful in her quest to create pretty things. She affectionately refers to Slipper as her “hidden Gem.”



This adorable little blue mouse is another small helper with an enormous heart. And she’s happiest when playing with and tending to her much bigger friends—the horses.



Slipper isn’t the only cat in Cinderella’s circle. Midnight may be a European Wildcat in the traditional sense, but he’s rather tame in nature. He loves food and could spend hours just taste-tasting and comparing flavors.

La Grande

While featured on a smaller scale, this little corgi pup is still part of Cinderella’s pet collection. She is yellow with a pink tail and wears a blue bow to match her blue eyes. She also sports a dazzling silver crown.

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Alternately known as “Dreamy” in some brandings, this beautiful pink kitten was first discovered by Aurora one warm spring day while out walking in the garden. Like her owner, Beauty loves sleeping.



Presented by Prince Phillip as a gift, this pink and lavender-colored pony is a natural performer and kindhearted companion to Princess Aurora.


One day, while feeling homesick for her second home—the forest, Princess Aurora was gifted with this delightful little fox pup by the Good Fairies. Shy by nature, Nuzzles isn’t particularly fond of loud noises and finds peace and quiet to be of great comfort to her.



While most other owls prefer being up at night, this pink beauty likes to spend her evenings sleeping and first made her acquaintance with Aurora one summer’s night when she flew into her room in search of a quiet place to rest.



A Cocker Spaniel puppy by nature, Macaron has a more fairy-oriented demeanor. She dreams of one day having a wand of her very own in a generous quest to do good and help out others through way of casting magical spells.


This adorable pink and purple baby dragon was discovered by Aurora while still an egg, sadly abandoned in the forest. Upon hatching, Aurora was the first thing Ash saw and therefore she sees her as her mother.  


Chipper is a lesser character in the Palace Pets line, though she is associated with belonging to Aurora. Appearing as a red-colored chipmunk, not much is known about her other than she evidently loves camping, as she once appeared in an episode of Whisker Haven driving a camper and has appeared in merchandising products also with a camper.

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This beautiful red-furred kitten with aqua-blue eyes first made Ariel’s acquaintance during a trip aboard Prince Eric’s ship. Treasure was first discovered by Eric’s sailors and has since taken up residence aboard the ship that has since become her home.



Just as Ariel was a mermaid who longed for life on land, so did this little lavender pony, who started life out as a seahorse with dreams and ambitions that were far above the surface.



Another pet to make an appearance via onboard a boat excursion, Ariel first met Matey as he was jumping from a boat that had just sailed away from the dock and fell into the water. Once Ariel saved him, she brought him back to the palace, offering to him both a loving home as well as some much-needed swimming lessons.


Sandy Pearl

This adorable little aquamarine seal pup can often be seen wearing her signature seaweed headband, pink and purple seashell necklace, and a seaweed ornament on her furry tail.


Otto was first discovered by Ariel one day as she was singing a song while onboard Eric’s ship at sea. All of a sudden, a second voice joined her, and it was then she looked down to find this cute little cyan otter.


This light purple puffin has a unique appearance, with her bright orange beak and feet, puffy tail, and beautiful blue eyes. She can often be seen wearing a turquoise ornament on her tail.

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Petit, alternately spelled “Petite” is a gorgeous tan-colored pony, discovered by Belle one winter’s day while she was out strolling along the lake. Having an adventurous spirit and an admitted stubborn streak about her, Petit is very particular and doesn’t let just anyone ride her. Only Belle has that privilege.



Belle first spotted this adorable King Charles Spaniel while out and about one day in the village square. It was there that she saw Teacup at her amazing, crowd-pleasing feat of balancing apples on her head! Teacup loves shopping and always knows the perfect accessories needed for any occasion.



This adorable light pink kitten first made Belle’s acquaintance outside of the Castle Library. Like her owner, she too enjoys stories—listening to them as well as reading them on her own. She is a dreamer and an explorer with hopes of one day traveling to faraway lands.



A pink and magenta bunny, Booksy made her first appearance to Belle and her father one day at a fair, when Maurice was presenting his wood-chopping machine and was unsuccessful at getting it to work. Luckily, Booksy was there and knew how to get things started. She has been known as their “invention assistant” ever since.


This little lamb with yellow wool and pink hair and nose also likes to join her owner and fellow Palace Pets for a good book. Unlike the rest, though, her sense of devouring books is literal, as she likes to eat the pages of her books once she finishes reading them.


Another lesser Palace Pet, Lacy is an adorable pink poodle, often seen donning yellow ribbons on her ears and tail.

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This little tiger cub was first discovered at the market, where he was in deep slumber on top of a pile of precious silks. He may be small, but his bravery more than makes up for his size.


Imagine Princess Jasmine’s surprise when she discovered this little lavender-colored elephant hiding out in the Palace Gardens. And that’s what Taj is best known for—playing hide and seek all day long with Princess Jasmine. His reward comes in the form of the delicious mangoes he just loves.



This turquoise pony made her acquaintance with Jasmine as a magic carpet stowaway one night when the princess was out taking a ride. Lapis, who was galloping below, seized the moment, hopping onto the carpet to join in on the excitement. Now the two are stargazing companions together and go for magic carpet rides every night.


This teal, temperamental monkey may appear to be naughty on the outside, but that’s only because he’s seeking love and attention. And Princess Jasmine noticed this immediately when she saw him tormenting Abu one day. While still fond of mischief and playing pranks, he and Abu are now the best of friends.


Stripes is a beautiful lavender zebra who loves parties. It was, in fact, a party at the Sultan’s palace where Jasmine first met him and the two formed a companionable bond.


Another member of Jasmine’s animal ensemble, this aquamarine hippo sports a magenta tuft of fur on the tip of her tail and proudly displays a purple headband with a magenta figure sticking out from the top of her gem ornament.


This baby cheetah has all the conventional markings and coloring, with the exception of exquisite purple eyes, and a flashy cyan bow on her tail and turquoise collar around her neck.

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A loyal raccoon friend and companion to Pocahontas, the two first met while Pocahontas was at the river. Windflower loves to play around and explore, but she does have a mischievous nature that tends to get her into trouble at times.



This adorable little bobcat first melted Pocahontas’ heart when she first saw him holding up an ornamental feather in his mouth. Ever since, he’s been by her side as a loyal, royal helper.



A once-lonely wolf pup, Pocahontas first found River howling at the moon. Touched by her need for friendship, she and Pocahontas have been together ever since.


This light blue pony companion to Pocahontas has an exotic look about her, with brown eyes, an indigo mane, and mane styled in similar fashion to Pocahontas’ own hair.

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Mulan first found this adorable panda cub under her table during a banquet hiding. Her cheerful nature and loving heart makes her a most companionable pet anyone would just adore!



It was while getting ready for Chinese New Year when Mulan first met this pretty pink pony. Her own horse, Khan, was busy at work teaching little Lychee how to jump obstacles, but she was feeling a little overwhelmed, so Khan let her be. Knowing what it is like to be the underdog, Mulan encouraged Lychee in her quest to learn how to jump with a special paper lantern.


This light lavender kitten was presented to Mulan as a gift from her loving Grandmother Fa during one of her frequent teatime visits. Even though Plumdrop tends to be a little clumsy at times, her heart is in the right place.


Mulan first saw this little snow leopard shyly peeking out at her from behind a snow sculpture she had just skillfully created. But that isn’t the end to her talents. Snowpaws is, in every way, a talented artist.


This sea green rhinoceros sprung to the rescue in Mulan’s defense when she observed her and Lee training for field sparring. A loyal defender and friend, Alora has since served as Mulan’s official protector.


Another of the lesser Palace Pets, Chai is a pink-colored red panda with white on his ears, belly, mouth, eyes, and cheeks. He also has green eyes, a pink nose and eyebrows, and dark pink stripes.

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This little lavender kitten came across Tiana working in her restaurant one evening. Thinking she was hungry for some hearty New Orleans-style cuisine, Tiana tried to feed her but Lily was more interested in the music and live entertainment happening around her.



A gift from Prince Naveen’s family, this beautiful yellow pony has a cheerful disposition that has the power to make anyone happy.


A stylish, lilac-colored bird with purple hair and brown eyes, Birdadette proudly sports a tail of purple and pink feathers, an ornate green crown, and green ribbon around her neck and tail.


This little light green Boston Terrier shares a flair for food and helping her owner out in the kitchen. Being a culinary wiz in her own right, she brings New Orleans tastes with her each time she goes to Whisker Haven.

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This adorable little Maltese puppy was given to Rapunzel by her Pub Thug friends as a wedding gift. And the match couldn’t be anymore perfect as both share similar personalities in wonder, adventure, and most importantly, kindness.



A little pony with a big spirit, Rapunzel and Blondie first became acquainted during a parade that was held in honor of the princess being returned to her palace. She stands out as a loyal and trustworthy guard pony who loves her owner faithfully.


A kitten sporting long blonde locks just like her owner, Summer was rather a ratty little kitten when Rapunzel first discovered her. After some much needed grooming and pampering, Summer has found fashionable comfort within the palace, although she does still enjoy her walks in the meadow alongside Rapunzel.


Rapunzel had never seen a skunk before, but when she saw Eugene chasing this purple and pink beauty about, she knew she had to intervene and rescue her and make her into a new cuddly friend.


Once when she was lost in the forest, this tan-colored fawn came and guided Rapunzel back to the castle. Ever since, she has been watching out for her, making sure she that she never gets lost again.



Rapunzel met this whimsical peacock companion one day while out painting in the village square. Enchanted by his adornment of colorful feathers, Rapunzel and he formed a fast friendship that’s been strong ever since.


This pleasant pink piglet first captured Rapunzel’s heart and attention one day when she was feeding the various animals throughout the Village Farms. As the other piglets all preferred playing jovially in the mud, Truffles was off in a corner, all by herself, sniffing flowers. When she locked eyes with Rapunzel and ran to her it was love at first sight!



Imagine Rapunzel’s reaction when she first laid eyes on this little purple bear cub. It was on a day when she was painting Daisy and realized that all of her yellow paints were missing. Following the trail of the now-scarce yellow, she at last arrived at a guilty bear, who had mistaken her paints for honey!

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Now that you’re more familiar with Disney’s Palace Pets you may be considering them in your upcoming holiday gift giving. Whether for Christmas or even a future birthday present, these sweet, treasured little animal companions have the power to brighten up anyone’s day. They have the power to bring lasting joy and smiles to anyone—withholding the standards by which Disney is best known for!

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