Disney Fans Lose It Over Jack Black/Disney Princess Mashup

jack black as disney princesses
Credit: The AI Dreams and Disney

The Disney-loving online community can be an upsetting or uplifting space for many Disney Fanatics, but one particularly controversial element of this digital world involves Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) has been used by Disney fans to create everything from simulations of bizarre Disney wedding dresses to comical blobfish princesses to bloodthirsty Disney Princess warriors. 

There seems to be something for everyone when it comes to creating AI versions of Disney characters or Pixar characters, but not everyone is a fan (and the Walt Disney Company itself does not seem to be on board with AI, either).

However, one hilarious AI series has just been released that might change AI Disney doubters’ minds, and it involves the beloved actor Jack Black!

Jack Black in his amusing "Revenge of the Fifth" video alongside Darth Vader

Jack Black in his amusing “Revenge of the Fifth” video from 2021.

Jack Black (star of the hit film series Kung Fu Panda) has just been transformed into Disney Princesses with an incredibly funny, yet sometimes strangely flattering, effect.

jack black as moana and ariel

Credit: The AI Dreams

The Belle of the Ball

Jack Black looks particularly at home in the Moana, Mulan, and Rapunzel outfits — and he looks comically out-of-place in the Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, and Elsa costumes — but overall, fans are enthusiastically declaring that “he slays every single one of them.”

“These are the kind of live-action remakes we need,” one Disney fan added, throwing shade at live-action films like the upcoming Snow White movie.

Many TikTok users confirmed that they would happily watch Jack Black play every Disney Princess, so Disney might want to take some notes!

Take a look at all of this actor’s Disney Princess personalities in the TikTok video shown here from @the_ai_dreams!

jack black as aurora and cinderella

Credit: The AI Dreams

To AI or Not To AI? That Is the Question

What are your thoughts on AI as a Disney fan specifically, not just as a general Internet user?

Do you enjoy seeing funny takes on Disney characters like this, especially when they mix with celebrities like Jack Black, or do you find the idea of Artificial Intelligence to be unappealing no matter how funny a montage like this might be?

jack black as elsa and tiana

Credit: The AI Dreams

If you don’t mind Artificial Intelligence and you recognize its potential for funny content, then you’ll also want to check out the other A-list actors who have recently been transformed into Disney Princesses, such as “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson!

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