More Evidence of a Possible Apple Disney Partnership Emerges

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While rumors of Apple buying the Walt Disney Company are constantly contested, the tech giant is a likely buyer for another Disney-owned asset.

For a few months now, the company Needham and analyst Laura Martin have argued that a Disney-Apple merger is on the cards. The analysts have shared previously that a merger between the tech giant and the entertainment conglomerate is not only likely but might end up being incredibly beneficial for all involved.

However, Disney CEO Bob Iger directly addressed the claims, dismissing any speculation as just that, refusing to comment on the validity of such claims. But it seems that the world hasn’t gotten enough of the Walt Disney Company-Apple partnership.

Disney CEO Bob Iger, Steve Jobs

Left: Disney CEO Bob Iger, Right: Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs / Credit: nagi usano, Flickr/ David Geller, Flickr

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Bank of America Values ESPN at $24 BILLION, Highlights Possible Buyer

Cord Cutters News shared that “Bank of America says ESPN is likely worth $24 billion, and some of the likely buyers include Apple along with Verizon.” The article went on to explain BofA analysts shared that both buyers could see the deal as one that would drive up their subscriber base and count for either Apple TV+ or Verizon’s various plans.

However, over the last few months, these two companies aren’t the only ones who’ve demonstrated interest in Disney and ESPN. The NBA and NFL have also been rumored to be interested in buying part of ESPN. The deal would offer their games to be aired on ESPN in exchange for a small share of the iconic sports mainstay.

the walt disney company

The Walt Disney Company / Credit: Disney

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In addition to all this, Cord Cutters News also added, “Disney reportedly is looking for partners that can help with the launch of its direct-to-consumer streaming service for ESPN. All of these reported possible buyers could offer something to help Disney do that.”

At present, the Walt Disney Company owns 80% of ESPN, and Hearst owns 20%. Disney could easily sell part of ESPN to the NFL and NBA (or any other potential buyers, depending on the contract negotiations) and still own a controlling majority of ESPN.

BofA Global Research and BofA analysts led by led by Jessica Reif Ehrlich explained that Disney’s ESPN sports network could secure an enterprise value of $24 billion and attract investment interest from sports leagues as well.

Apple is not buying Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger and his Apple dreams. Credit: Disney

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Disney would “gain a lot from the deal as more capital would mean ESPN would be able to strengthen its offerings, keep the option of a spin-off open, and help the network focus on high-growth streaming,” BofA said.

Of course, it’s important to note nothing has been confirmed yet, including whether Apple will actually buy ESPN, but these rumors are certainly making it easier to believe that Disney and the tech giant are looking to build a solid partnership.

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