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10 Excellent Dining Choices at Disney Springs

Disney Springs should be considered a fifth park now based on its size. Thankfully they constructed some new parking options to accommodate the amount of guests coming to this new marvel day in and day out. On top of the newest and trendiest shopping options, Disney Springs offers some of the best dining experiences in all of Walt Disney World. ...

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Top Differences between Disney World and Disneyland

disney world _ disneyland _ differences between

Disneyland and Disney World may be related by name, but there are some glaring differences between the two parks. They may be separated by three time zones and two thousand miles of land, but they both stay true to the core Disney values. We’ll take a look at what makes these parks so different, while also remaining alike. 5) Location ...

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6 Fun Facts About Star Tours In Hollywood Studios

When Disney partnered with Lucas Films in 2012, you knew this attraction was going to get hit with a long overdue facelift. From the pre-ride queue until the epic conclusion, Star Wars fans will notice cameos from their favorite characters throughout the experience. Guests will soar to a galaxy far, far away in the Starspeeder 1000 while rocking a set ...

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10 Amazing Facts About Main Street USA

Main Street USA is the gateway into the mystique and magic of the Magic Kingdom. Various shops line the city streets, bakeries and confectionaries are producing sweet treats by the hundreds, and has thousands of photos taken with the iconic backdrop of Cinderella Castle on a daily basis. I would classify this as the base line of the ideal “American” ...

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Top 5 World Showcase Shops at Epcot

The EPCOT World Showcase is the most “adult themed” area in all of Walt Disney World. Guests have the opportunity to “visit” eleven different nations from every corner of the map and indulge in an international smorgasbord of history and national pride. Each nation also offers guests the option of bringing home a piece of culture with uniquely designed shops ...

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7 Best Thrill Rides in Walt Disney World

Sure you can have a Kodak moment with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or check out the nostalgic Disney attractions such as It’s a Small World and Prince Charming’s Carousel, or even experience a more “family based” ride that everyone to enjoy. Sometimes, park guests like myself, like to experience some thrills that make your stomach drop or eyes tear from ...

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Disney World Or Universal? Which One Is Right For You?

Disney or universal

Orlando is the theme park capital of North America. You have Sea World, Lego Land and of course Universal Studios and Disney World. Universal Studios and Disney are the most prominent. There is a healthy competition between Universal and Disney, however they are two completely different experiences. Each park brings its own flavor, theme, cast of characters, and benefits. Universal ...

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8 Mistakes Rookies Make At Disney World

Jumping into the Disney World Vacation pool can be a scary thing. You have multiple parks to choose from including two water parks. Apparently guests can purchase something called a park hopper option where you can visit more than one park a day? Which park do I visit and when? And you’ve also been told somehow all of this can ...

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8 Amazing Facts about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

It seems every year there is an attraction scheduled to open that gets the entire Disney universe into a tizzy. 2014 was no different as the highly anticipated Seven Dwarfs Mine Train debuted as the final piece to the Fantasyland puzzle. The attention to detail taken by the Imagineers is exactly what you’d expect from a project of this size ...

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10 Freaky Facts about Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is one of the most popular and thrilling attractions in all of Walt Disney World. Situated in “Asia” within the Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest takes you on the journey from base camp to the top of the “Forbidden Mountain” where guests come face to face with the mythical Yeti. This steel roller coaster is some of the finest ...

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