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A REAL Disney+ Streaming Rival is on the Move and it’s NOT Netflix

Paramount Plus

Since The Walt Disney Company launched its now-global streaming service, Disney+, intense competition with Netflix has raged. But there is a new, mountainous competitor on the horizon that the Mouse House should be paying attention to more than Netflix: Paramount+. From Yellowstone to Nick Jr., Paramount+ meets Disney+ on a crucial plane that Netflix simply can’t. It can provide a ...

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Double Standard Vaccination, Mask Policy Announced for 2022 Oscars

2022 Oscars

Even though the 94th Oscars are still more than a month away, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released new mask and vaccination requirements for the event. It appears that whether an attendee will need to be vaccinated or wear a mask will depend upon who s/he is. According to The New York Times, The audience of 2,500 ...

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‘9-1-1’ Actor Sues Disney After Being Fired Over Vaccination Mandates


Actor Rockmond Dunbar filed a discrimination lawsuit against 20th Century Studios and Disney on Thursday, February 17. He was written off the Fox television drama 9-1-1 last November after seeking a medical and religious exemption from the vaccine mandates. According to Deadline, Dunbar “sued the series’ production company 20th Television and its parent Disney claiming the studio engaged in discrimination, including mocking his ...

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John Williams to Compose ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Theme

John Williams

It appears that the man who wrote the music for all nine movies of the Skywalker Saga will return to the Star Wars Universe for one more project. Just a few days after Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek confirmed its Disney+ release date, we now know that the theme for the highly-anticipated series Obi-Wan Kenobi will be provided by none other than the legendary ...

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Disney World Park Reservations SOLD OUT for President’s Day

Disney World Park Reservations President's Day

Typically on Fridays, we would give our readers a last-minute update on Theme Park Reservation availability at the Walt Disney World Resort for the upcoming weekend. Unfortunately, this week, we have news to deliver early. As of 4:30 pm on Thursday, February 17, we can confirm that ALL Disney Park Reservations for ALL groups have been claimed for February 21, ...

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks ‘Encanto’ in Theme Parks with Bob Chapek

Lin Manuel Miranda Encanto

Okay, I know “we don’t talk about Bruno,” but can we talk about Disney’s Encanto possibly having a permanent presence in a Disney Theme Park? Well, we don’t have to. Apparently, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Disney CEO Bob Chapek already have. In an interview with The Warp, Miranda said: I talked to him[Chapek] and said, “I know there’s a world in which this casita ...

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From a Stockholder: 3 Problems The Walt Disney Company Needs to Fix NOW

The Walt Disney Company

Chapek, Chapek, Chapek… The name itself is enough to trigger people across the spectrum of Disney fans and has become almost a synonym for “corporate scapegoat.” People aren’t happy, and according to recent reports, The Walt Disney Company’s stockholders are looking to vote him out of position this year. I have been a stockholder in The Walt Disney Company for ...

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‘We Call it NOT Epcot’ – Fans React to ‘Storyliving by Disney’ Community

Storyliving by Disney

On February 16, The Walt Disney Company announced its latest venture: masterplan residential communities called Storyliving by Disney. But, it appears that some onlookers are not having it. Taking to Twitter, people quickly likened the Palm Springs development to Walt’s original vision for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT). Some of the comments were positive, but others? Not so ...

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