‘Avatar’ Sequel Receives “Phenomenal” Reviews From Audiences


As with many movies that head to theaters, Avatar: The Way of Water has been shown to critics and some early test audiences before it actually premieres in theaters for the general public later this week.

We already had high hopes for this long-awaited Avatar sequel, since the first Avatar movie’s A-list cast of Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, and Sigourney Weaver were back for more and James Cameron was still at the helm. Learning that Sigourney Weaver was actually back in a new role as a teenage girl, and that Kate Winslet has not only joined the cast but actually broken a Tom Cruise underwater record during the filming of the movie, made the anticipation even higher!

kate winslet ronal avatar way of water

Kate Winslet as Ronal, a leader of the N’avi in Avatar: The Way of Water. Zoe Saldana is returning as Neytiri, while Sam Worthington is returning as Jake Sully and Sigourney Weaver is back in a new role. Credit: Empire Magazine

Apparently, all of that anticipation has not been in vain! Reviews from the critics who have just gotten to see the new movie about the N’avi and the world of Pandora (which inspired the Animal Kingdom region and the Flight of Passage ride) have just been shared, and their comments send a lot of praise towards the new movie and James Cameron.

“Never bet against James Cameron,” one critic wrote in the Tweet shown below. “Trying to spare hyperbole, but I’ve never seen anything like this from a technical, visual standpoint. It’s overwhelming. Maybe too overwhelming. Sometimes I’d miss plot points because I’m staring at a Pandora fish”. The same critic confessed that “the whole thing” was “visually impressive”.

James Cameron was also called a “precise” director and “a technology master” who has somehow created a combination of the movies Dances with Wolves and Free Willy for a “Gen Z” crowd. Yet another critic described Avatar: The Way of Water as a “visually breathtaking, visceral & incredibly engrossing” movie.

“The story, the spectacle, the spirituality, the beauty – this is moviemaking & storytelling at its absolute finest,” the critic concluded — and the positive reviews keep coming! 

Are you going to see this movie in theaters? Were you going to see the Avatar sequel, whether or not critics had raved about it as much as they have?

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