“It’s Always Important to Obtain Consent”, Hilarious ‘Snow White’ Trailer Has Fans Rolling

Babylon Bee Snow White trailer
Credit: Babylon Bee

In recent years, Disney has faced a lot of backlash and controversy surrounding its live-action remakes. Audiences are split between loving seeing animated classics in a new light and getting tired of Disney remaking a movie they already made. There is also a lot of debate as Disney tries to modernize some of its classics that are now deemed problematic.

Case in point —¬†Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

snow white with woodland creatures

Credit: Disney

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs¬†was Disney’s first feature-length animated film. The original film told the story of a princess who ran away from her wicked stepmother, who wanted her dead. Her wicked stepmother dresses as an old hag and puts Snow White under a spell with a poisoned apple. The only way to end the curse is true love’s kiss. Thankfully, a handsome prince comes along and kisses the sleeping princess.

snow white with a bird

Credit: Disney

In the years since¬†Snow White’s release, many societal norms have changed. Today, consent is a very big deal. Children are raised not to touch another person without their consent. This is especially true when it comes to dating and relationships.

The Babylon Bee — a satirical news site — has taken a modern school of thought and given us a hilarious look at what a new Snow White¬†movie might look like. The trailer is completely fake, but fans can’t get enough of it.

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Fans loved the actors, the comedy, and the high production value that The Babylon Bee put into an entirely fake video.

Snow White¬†and It’s Unending Controversy

For years, Disney has been working on a live-action remake of its oldest animated movie. In 2021, Disney announced that it had cast Rachel Zegler in the role of Snow White. Since then, there has been nothing but problems for Disney. Both in its choice to cast a woman who was part-Colombian, and also in Zegler’s constant criticism of the movie.

Rachel Zegler Snow White

Credit: Splash News

Zegler has voiced her disapproval of the original storyline. She has said that the new film will show a more independent Snow White. She will make her own choices that will move her story forward. Zegler also didn’t like the prince’s original story and went so far as to call him a “stalker”.

Fans of the original film are constantly calling on Disney to fire Zegler. They don’t like that the actress is being given such a prominent role in a Disney movie, and all she seems to be doing is speaking poorly about the original film. Zegler has said how grateful she is to be a part of the film, but that hasn’t stopped the criticism.

Rachel Zegler West Side Story

Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Rumors have been circulating on TikTok that Disney has fired Zegler and will cast another actress. However, there is no evidence to back those rumors up. In addition to that, Snow White is scheduled to be released in March 2024, so there is no time to cast another actress and completely re-film the movie.

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