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Beloved Children’s Show Incites Controversy After Potentially-Harmful Scene

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Credits: Disney / Canva

If you ask Disney fans about their favorite Disney roller coasters, Disney movies, or Disney Princesses, then you’re bound to get a wide variety of answers.

However, if you ask Disney fans about their favorite currently-airing children’s shows, there is one show that seems to come up consistently as an answer: Bluey!

If you’ve been living under a rock in terms of animated television shows, then you may not be familiar with Bluey, but its audiences range from Disney Adults to parents to preschoolers.

Bluey is an Australian BBC Studios, Disney Junior, and Disney+ show that follows a family of Blue Heelers (which are dogs) in their day-to-day life.

Bluey Heeler


The Bluey Sensation

Like many children’s shows, Bluey is meant to help children and parents get through the challenges of childhood together.

However, Bluey is far less on-the-nose than some other kids’ shows have been, and its overall themes seem to focus on letting children be children and letting them learn lessons along the way instead of embracing the controversial parenting style known as “helicopter parenting.”

The addition of cute dogs, funny scenes, and Australian accents have combined to make Bluey even more so successful — and as we’ve established, even celebrities are addicted to the animated BBC Studios show!

Is Bluey Still the Victim This Time?

Usually, Bluey fans are very passionate supporters of the show. When Bluey (the main character, who is accompanied by her sister Bingo and her parents Chilli and Bandit) was gendered incorrectly during a high-profile event, fans were quick to defend her — and when some Spectrum customers recently lost access to the show, they seemed to be livid.

Once in a while, a Bluey episode will ruffle some feathers — and unfortunately, Bluey itself has just become the problem once again.

Fans who have watched the “Housework” episode of Bluey are (according to complaining about a scene that perpetuates a life-threatening behavior.

bluey show

Credit: Disney

In the episode “Housework”, Bluey can clearly be seen eating grapes on the couch (as seen above). However, grapes are actually not just off-limits for dogs: they’re genuinely toxic for dogs and can even kill them.

Fans in the Adult Bluey Fans Club Facebook page noticed this discrepancy quickly. “I’m confused,” one fan wrote. “I’m watching ‘Housework,’ and Chilli is eating grapes. I think isn’t that dangerous for dogs?”

“Highly Toxic for Dogs”

As WebMD puts it, “grapes and raisins are highly toxic for dogs, regardless of breed, age, or gender.”

In addition, “grape toxicity is linked with kidney damage, and eating the fruit can result in sudden kidney failure and even death.”


Credit: Disney+

Where’s the REAL Danger?

Although Bluey is an animated character, the underlying issue involves the fact that viewers often seem to be inclined to imitate behaviors or actions that they see on television.

A well-meaning child might feel inclined to feed a dog grapes if left alone in the kitchen with the family pet, for example, simply because they are trying to treat their furry friend like Bluey.

Have you seen Bluey before, and are you a fan? Did you already know that grapes were completely off-limits for dogs?

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