Bob Iger Shares Birthday Tribute to Walt Disney

Bob Iger Walt Disney

December 5 is remembered by many Disney Fanatics as the day Walter Elias Disney came into the world to touch the hearts of billions around the world and create the magical legacy we still enjoy today.

Walt Disney as a young man and illustrator

Credit: Walt Disney Family Museum

The entertainment innovator that gave us the first animated feature with sound, the first Theme Park, and unforgettable movies and characters would have been 121 this week if he had not perished from cancer in the 1960s. And his likeness continues to be immortalized in the company he and his brother Roy founded nearly 100 years ago.

Returning CEO and former Executive Chairman Bob Iger took to social media to share his own sentiments and gratitude on the special anniversary, saying,

“Walt Disney would have turned 121 years old today! How lucky we are for the life he lived and the legacy he left. Happy birthday, Walt!”

After Walt passed away, the company has been led by a few men who dared to step into his shoes, starting with his brother, Roy O. Disney. The Chief Executive Officer position has been filled by Donn Tatum, E. Cordon Walker, Walt’s son-in-law Ron Miller, Michael Eisner, and Robert A. Iger. Iger was briefly replaced by Bob Chapek, but after nearly three years, Chapek was removed from the position with Iger returning. At this time, Mr. Iger will remain as CEO for 2 years with the mandate that focus be placed on finding a proper successor to the Cheif Executive who ran the Hollywood giant for 15 of its most prosperous years ever growth-wise.

bob iger at town hall

Bob Iger at the Town Hall

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Talk to many dedicated Disney Fanatics, and they will probably tell you that even though the sun never sets on a Disney Theme Park, more instant-classic movies have been added to the catalog, and the studio has expanded to include the most popular characters and franchises from Pixar, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, ESPN, Hulu, and Marvel Studios, the world is still looking for the next Walt Disney who will touch the hearts of people for generations to come. The question is when and where will we find him? Los Angeles? Florida? Or somewhere else?

The entire company, from its leadership to its lowest employees, is at a pivotal period in its history as its content has fallen from its creative excellence and faces unprecedented challenges. The great company is in need of a new strategic direction.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney news and stories as more developments come to light.

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