Brother-In-Law Tries to Use Disney VIP Tour as Babysitting Service, Internet Has No Patience

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A recent online discussion has ignited a debate over a family’s decision regarding a VIP trip to Disneyland. Being the internet, the topic originally came about on a popular forum for getting validation on questionable moral decisions. The controversy began when a brother-in-law desired to swap his spot in the VIP group for his girlfriend’s child, and responders had some brazen opinions.

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Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure Park / Credit: Disney

A Stranger’s Child on a VIP Tour

The discussion was initiated by Reddit user /trin80, who sought guidance and validation for her decision. The thread on /AITA quickly garnered over 1000 upvotes and 500 comments, with individuals expressing contrasting opinions and offering unique insights into the matter.

In the original post, the user explained the family’s plan for a special trip to Disneyland, complete with a VIP tour package. However, a dilemma arose when her brother-in-law suggested giving up his spot for his girlfriend’s child. He assured the family member that he and his girlfriend would tag along at their own pace and not do the VIP activities. This would cause potential separation from the family during various Park activities. The original poster barely knew the strange child, only meeting them occasionally. She did not want to provide such an expensive opportunity to someone she didn’t know while limiting her time with her close family.

AITA for not letting my brother in law give up his spot in our Disney VIP tour for his girlfriends son?
byu/trin80 inAmItheAsshole

Disney VIP Tours Are Not a Babysitting Service

One user supported the original poster’s decision-making. This sentiment emphasized the financial investment made by /trin80 and cheerleaded her as having a right in selecting the VIP tour participants:

You are treating them to a VIP tour at your own cost, so you have the right to decide who to invite.

byu/trin80 from discussion

Conversely, concerns were raised regarding the practical implications of supervising an unfamiliar child. Another commenter pointed out, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable being responsible for a child all day that I know nothing about,” highlighting the challenges and potential discomfort that may arise from such a responsibility.

byu/trin80 from discussion

Furthermore, the potential impact on the child was also a consideration. A Redditor stated, “It’s rude to you and to the child, who presumably doesn’t know anyone else in the group well (if at all).” It is not a completely outlandish idea to think the situation would be awkward for everyone involved.

byu/trin80 from discussion

Family Boundaries

It is unknown how the original poster ultimately handled the situation, but it definitely might have been a bit of an overstep from the brother-in-law. Considering the costs involved, he probably should have taken the family’s consideration into effect before throwing a wrench in the plans.

Family vacations never go smoothly. There is always drama and personalities that create awkward situations. We’ve all been there. However, respecting the financial contributors to the trip is always a good piece of advice.


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