‘Disenchanted’ Trailer Is Released

The Enchanted sequel that we’ve been waiting for is finally here! The official trailer for Disenchanted, the sequel that’s been 14 years in the making, has just been revealed during the 2022 D23 Expo. Take a look at it below!

d23 disenchanted

Amy Adams as Giselle and Maya Rudolph as Malvina in Disenchanted. Credit: D23

In this movie, the Disney princess character played by Amy Adams (Giselle) moves to a suburb called Monroeville with Robert Philip, her love interest from the first film (who is played by Disney Legend Patrick Dempsey).

But when they arrive, Giselle learns that life in the suburbs is harder than she expected, “happily ever after” isn’t cut and dry, and a new villain named Malvina Monroe is on the scene!

We can see in the trailer that Giselle and Robert have a baby, which is happy news in and of itself, but it is also clear that some tension is beginning between Giselle and her stepdaughter Morgan (who was originally played by actress Rachel Covey, but is now played by Gabriella Baldacchino since Rachel Covey is not young enough to play the part anymore).

Saturday Night Live comedian Maya Rudolph is playing the villain, Malvina Monroe — and it is evident in the trailer that, despite Giselle’s happy outlook, she is struggling to adjust to a non-magical world and a suburb.

Giselle makes a magical wish to set things right and bring her the more traditional fairy tale that she has always wanted — but instead, things become worse.

We can see in the trailer that Giselle actually begins to take on some villainous traits herself after she makes her damaging wish — and although happy endings are Disney’s bread and butter, it looks like there will be a lot of dramatic surprises before Giselle manages to fix her mistake (and a lot of chances for Amy Adams to show off her acting range as she turns Giselle into a less-than-savory character)!

patrick dempsey amy adams enchanted

Amy Adams plays Giselle and Patrick Dempsey plays Robert Philip in the Enchanted films. Credit: Disney / Buena Vista Pictures

James Marsden is back in his standout role as the charming prince (and the comic relief, although many Enchanted characters provide audiences with laughs), while Disney Legend Idina Menzel is back as well.

This movie will be streaming on Disney+ as of November 24! Are you excited for Disenchanted?

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