Disney Guest Disrupts Parade Due To “Attraction” Towards Performers

guest disrupts parade tokyo disneyland
A Guest recently disrupted a parade in Tokyo Disneyland.

A Guest tackled a Disney Character during a parade due to a “sexual attraction” for the performers, per his claim.

The Disney Parks and Disney Resorts are family-friendly spots for a Disney vacation. A domestic Theme Park like Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort, or international ones like Tokyo Disney Resort and Disneyland Paris are wonderful places to experience the Disney magic.

tokyo disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland/Disney

However, sometimes things go awry at the Disney Resorts in a decidedly not family-friendly way. Recently, Yahoo News Japan reported that Japanese authorities arrested a 51-year-old man who crashed the Tokyo Disneyland parade for “obstruction of business.”

It was reported,

In response to the investigation, the man partially denied the charges, saying, “There is no doubt that I stopped the parade, but I didn’t mean to cause trouble.” During the subsequent interrogation, he is said to have said that his motive was “to attract the attention of female dancers.” Meanwhile, as the perpetrator is making an illogical statement, the Urayasu Police Station is carefully investigating and making the perpetrator’s criminal liability known.

The man is currently being detained at the Urayasu Police Station for interrogation and by the Chiba District Court since the perpetrator was sent to the public prosecutor’s office under these same charges. As more details about the situation were revealed, we learned that another Guest who was present at Tokyo Disneyland reported that the man had been acting unruly for about 10 minutes.

The onlooker said,

By the time I noticed it, the staff was already holding the man (perpetrator) down. He was acting violently for about 10 minutes. The man was putting up some resistance and it seemed rather difficult to settle him down.

Several other fans have also taken to social media to share photos, pointing out there were no female performers in his vicinity.

mickey mouse at tokyo disney resort during halloween

Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyland/Disney

The Walt Disney Company and Disney Parks have policies in place to avoid precisely this kind of situation. Guests must follow these guidelines to allow all Park visitors an enjoyable and magical time at the Disney Parks.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news.

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