This Iconic “Disney Adult” Is Taking Over Disney World

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Credit: @melizzablack on TikTok

If you’re a Florida resident who consistently visits Walt Disney World Resort, then you might actually have a good chance of seeing a certain red-haired Disney influencer who is taking the Disney-loving online community by storm!

With 42 thousand Instagram followers, TikToker and Disney influencer Melizza Black (who classifies herself as followers’ “fairy godsister”) has become known for her positive, cheerful Disney Princess energy.

More Than 100 Visits!

Melizza Black emphasizes that “Black girls are main characters” online, and works full-time as a content creator. As a self-aware “Disney Adult”, Black is constantly visiting Walt Disney World Resort, which has by default overtaken the content on her social media platforms. At this point, Black has visited Disney World on more than 100 occasions!

In an Allure article (which also shed some light on the Black Disney Adult community as a whole), the recognizable content creator and Disney Fanatic explained more about her background and her passion for Disney.


making this an offical series to hold myself accountable (and to remember where i’ve been LOL) #disneyworld #disneyfood #disneyrestaurant

♬ original sound – Melizza

“I don’t describe myself as a ‘Disney adult,’ but I know that I am one,” the self-proclaimed “fairy godsister” admitted good-naturedly during the interview. Some Disney Adults take issue with the label and vehemently reject it, but not Black!

Black also seems to differ from other Disney influencers. Many Disney TikTokers have become associated with Disney theme park and Disney World vacation disruptions, since plenty of influencers have been seen deliberately breaking Disney rules in order to gain more followers.

Here at Disney Fanatic, we have seen Disney TikTokers or Disney influencers sticking their hands in dangerous places on theme park rides, wearing shocking outfits in an effort to push the Disney dress code boundaries, and even harassing Cast Members!

Two Youtubers were escorted out of Disneyland just last week after vaping on Disney property and challenging Disney’s security team!

No Bad Behavior Here

Melizza Black, on the other hand, keeps things light and positive while also following Disney rules. She often shares her cute Disney Park outfits (complete with her signature red hair in an Ariel shade) and cheerfully embarks on self-imposed challenges like eating “at every restaurant in Disney World.”

In her interview with Allure, the Disney Fanatic sang Princess Tiana’s praises and described the “soul-shaking” connection that she felt to that Disney Princess.

“Suddenly,” the frequent Disney visitor explained, “I was aware that I had been left out of Disney’s content as a whole as a main character.”


always wondered what sunrise looks like on other planets #disneyworld #avatarwayofwater #avatar

♬ girls like me don’t cry (sped up) – thuy

Black also revealed that she visits Disney World at least once a week (especially the Animal Kingdom theme park) and that she lives close by!

This will not be surprising for some Disney Fanatics, especially since we already know that living near Walt Disney World Resort can actually have tremendous physical and mental health benefits.

Interestingly enough, Melizza Black was not a born-and-bred Disney fan like many other Disney influencers.

She did not grow up going to the Disney Parks, and didn’t enter Disney World until she was in college — but after she had visited once, Black said enthusiastically, she “was in love with the Disney parks.”

If you see this Disney theme park veteran during your next Walt Disney World Resort, be sure to say hello or wave!

Disney magic bonds us all when we’re enjoying a Disney theme park — and this frequent visitor is sure to have some helpful recommendations when it comes to maximizing your Disney days!

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