Youtubers Boast After Vaping in Disneyland, Challenging Security

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Any Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort guest has probably spotted at least one other theme park guest (be they children or Disney Adults) misbehaving and breaking rules in Disney theme parks like the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT.

Sometimes, these misdemeanors are mild; sometimes, they are disturbingly violent and lead to arrests or lifetime bans for the offenders!

In recent years, Disney TikTokers and other social media influencers have been particularly prevalent when it comes to bad Disney behavior.

disney adults phone ban

Disney Adults are typically adult Disney fans who travel to Disney on vacations without children, and who enjoy theme parks like the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios as solo travelers. Photo Credit: Disney

Influencers are often accused of deliberately breaking Disney rules in an attempt to gain more online popularity — and although some TikToker or Youtuber publicity stunts might not be too hazardous, they can still be disturbing for other Disney park guests and most certainly upsetting for Disney Cast Members or Disney security.

No Consent?

Recently, a pair of YouTubers named PizzaBryan (Bryan) and DamianLuck925 (Damian) was caught vaping CBD and nicotine on Disneyland property.

The duo actually then proceeded to share footage of their confrontation with Disney security, including footage of at least one Disney security staff member who could clearly be heard denying any consent to be filmed.

Bryan entitled the video “Kicked Out of Disneyland for Being Too Faded,” and the video (shown below) has been met with several supportive comments from Bryan and Damian’s Youtube subscribers.

“We Were Stressed”

Damian has approximately 976K subscribers on Youtube, while Bryan has about 143K Youtube subscribers. Collaborations between Youtubers are common, but this particular collaboration involved being escorted out of Disneyland by security!

Apparently, Damian and Bryan had to relinquish two vape cartridges when they first entered Disneyland. The pair didn’t mind, however, because they had brought along other vaping devices that they had hidden while entering the Disney property.

When the Youtubers were caught by a Disney employee later on in the day during their Disney park visit, Damian used the following excuse: “I’m sorry, it’s just – we were stressed and depressed and anxious.”

No Smoking Sign

Credit: Disney Dining

“Animated” Vape Pens?

Smoking might be allowed in some designated smoking areas, but CBD is certainly not. Damian and Bryan, being “faded,” treated the security confrontation like a joke and claimed that their vaping devices were CGI or animated and therefore not real.

Disneyland security was not amused, and did not accept the influencers’ excuses about anxiety or depression either. Neither Youtuber apparently received a lifetime ban, but they were not allowed to return to Disneyland theme parks all day.

Do you think that this punishment was sufficient? Have you seen worse guest behavior in Disneyland theme parks, or in Disney World locations like the Magic Kingdom?

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