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New Disney Park Attraction in Shameful Condition, Suffers Theft by Guests

mickey's toontown thefts condition
Credit: Disney

All Disney Fanatics can agree that a certain etiquette is necessary at the Parks. However, unfortunately, all of us also know that there are a few Guests who refuse to adhere to that standard. Be that through picking fights with fellow Guests, shouting obscenities at Cast Members, or even damaging and defacing rides and attractions, Disney Park Guests have been known to behave in ways that are less than ideal. So much so that Disney has even released official warnings about Guest behavior, letting us know that Guests can risk being kicked out of a Disney Theme Park if they’re not careful.

Mickey's Toontown

Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland Park concept art/Courtesy of Disney

The latest in this vein of news is that some Disney Park Guests have reportedly been stealing from one of Disney’s most recently reopened lands and attractions: Mickey’s Toontown and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway have suffered thefts, and not only that, parts of the attraction are said to be in bad condition, showing wear and tear.

One Disney Park Guest took to Twitter to share their frustration at the fact that the gumballs in Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway were starting to disappear, leaving their screw-holes visible. Some fellow Guests even recalled Snow White’s apple theft.

While these props are certainly tantalizing and go a long way in adding to the Disney experience of the Parks, they are just that: props in the Parks. These items are not meant to be taken as souvenirs, no matter how tempting the urge might be.

Unfortunately, this isn’t all when it comes to the trouble that Mickey’s Toontown has been seeing. Some fans have been more than disappointed with the wear and tear the attraction is seeing a short week after reopening, and particularly called out just how different the reality is from the concept art Disney sold.

Fans shared that the paint was already chipping, and parts of the attraction were already breaking on opening day:

For an area and attraction that has only recently reopened, it’s certainly sad to see this much already not coming up to par. Here’s looking forward to Disney addressing these issues and Guests also behaving in ways that are becoming of the Disney Parks.

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