Disney Park Struggles With Excessive Crowds Again

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With fights between Guests escalating, the harassment of Cast Members becoming a constant issue, and Guests’ bad behavior increasing overall, many Disney fans are starting to worry that the Disney Parks are struggling to control their crowds. Now one Disney Park has just faced that obstacle once again!

Disneyland Paris Resort has recently had to stop allowing Guests in who don’t have a Disneyland Paris reservation and a Disneyland Paris ticket, with a simple but clear sign near the entrance keeping potential visitors from entering — and this is not the first time that the French Disney location has had to refuse some visitors (who don’t have a Disneyland Paris reservation and a Disneyland Paris ticket) in the past several days.

Disneyland Paris Castle

Credit: Disney

Take a look at the sign shown in the Tweet below from @ED92Magic, which is a Twitter account that focuses on Disneyland Paris news. The sign clearly says “Parks full”. “It’s another busy day at @DisneylandParis today,” @ED92Magic wrote in the social media post.

Just like Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris Resort is using a reservation system to track Guests in the Disney Resort’s theme parks — much to the chagrin of Disney Park visitors, so much so that Disneyland Paris has actually had to contend with protesters who are disputing the reservation system!

Although these protesters were not as disruptive as protesters have been in the past, they have still been a problem for the Disney Resort across the pond. However, because Disneyland Paris has some new additions like the Marvel Avengers Campus (featuring Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, Loki, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel), Disneyland Paris Resort still has more willing visitors than it can handle despite the negative opinions of Disney fans overall and the protesters outside.

Disneyland Paris Castle

Credit: Disney

The chock-full Parisian Disney Park has an opponent in the form of another Disney Resort that is further afield. Tokyo Disney Resort has a very different approach to theme park capacity; this Disney location is apparently deliberately lowering its capacity by 20 percent in order to improve the experience of the Guests that do attend.

Which do you think that you would prefer: a Disney Park and theme park that allows more people in every day to ride roller coasters and experience attractions, despite a decrease in the quality of Guests’ experiences, or a Disney Park and theme park like Tokyo Disney Resort that restricts its daily capacity to allow for happier Guests?

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