Disney Resort Announces 20% Decrease in Visitor Capacity

tokyo disney resort

Disney Fanatics have been keeping a close eye on news coming from the Walt Disney Company on an international scale in recent months, since many recent Disney decisions have alienated Disney Park and Disney Resort Guests (particularly decisions stemming from the current Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek, a CEO who is currently disliked by many ardent Disney fans).

Now, more news has come from the Walt Disney Company involving a Disney Resort’s future plans. One Disney Resort, found abroad, is planning to drastically decrease its visitor capacity as part of an effort to create an experience for Guests that is more focused on “luxury” and does not involve frustratingly long wait times for rides or attractions!

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort Credit: Disney

Apparently, Tokyo Disney Resort (which is a Disney Park, but is actually owned by The Oriental Land Company) is planning to start letting in 20% fewer visitors after seeing some significant success with capacity restrictions during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Tokyo Disney Resort is located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, and in thisĀ Japan TimesĀ report, Ā Oriental Land Company President Kenji Yoshida said that “our Guests now have more time to use as they wish, and the value of their experience (at the Parks) has increased greatly.”

According to the report, “admission restrictions have given visitors the luxury of taking their time to enjoy the attractions of the Disney theme parks, while the amount of money they spend on dining there has also increased despite the pandemic.” In addition, Guests have been favoring “leisurely dining” instead of quick meals, thereby creating even more profit for the Disney location!

Splash Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland

Splash Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland Credit: Disney

Since long lines and queues for Disney rides, attractions, and the purchasing of Disney merchandise are all the focus of frequent complaints from Disney Guests these days, limiting how many people come to Disney Parks and Disney Resorts might be beneficial and help decrease wait times.

However, it sounds like the effort to make this Disney Resort more “luxurious” will also increase prices and the amount of cost paid per Guest — which will presumably worsen the other major problem that Disney Guests are unhappy with: rising Disney prices.

Space Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland

Space Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland Credit: Disney

Tokyo Disneyland is getting an upgrade in a different way, too; the Disney location’s Tomorrowland has a big renovation planned, especially for Space Mountain!

Have you ever been to any Disney Resorts or Disney Parks besides Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort? Would you rather pay more for a more private experience on your Disney vacation, or pay less and suffer through the long wait times?


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