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Fans REFUSE to Watch Official NFL Match, Choose ‘Toy Story’ Football Instead

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Credit: Disney/Pixar

In yet another instance of fans refusing to kowtow to Disney’s ever-increasing prices, some explicitly refused to pay to watch the NFL match on Sunday, choosing to watch Disney’s Toy Story characters play the game instead.

On October 1, the Atlanta Falcons played the Jacksonville Jaguars in London at Wembley Stadium in an incredibly gripping game. Notably, when it comes to the Walt Disney Company, the Mouse House has obtained the official streaming rights to the NFL’s first game, streaming it on ESPN+, and they’re pulling out all the stops when it comes to creating NFL-related content.

Toy Story NFL match

Toy Story NFL match / Credit: ESPN, YouTube

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Toy Story Funday Football

On October 1 at 9:30 a.m. ET, Disney+ streamed a very special game on their streaming platform Disney+. ESPN, the NFL, and the Walt Disney Company collaborated to show a unique NFL broadcast wherein Disney animated the Falcons and Jaguars game, inspired by Pixar’s iconic Toy Story universe for Toy Story Funday Football.

While real players were engaged in a constant battle in real life, Disney transported this to Andy’s bedroom from Toy Story, having the characters from the iconic animated film play out the game as well (in exact animated replications of each play).

The Walt Disney Company also explained, “Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Jessie, Bullseye, Bunny, Ducky, Forky, and other characters from the acclaimed animated franchise will be visible throughout.”

Disney-owned cable channels desperate for content turn to the NFL

ESPN is coming to the aid of other Disney-owned cable channels / Credit: Disney/ESPN

Fans Choose Toy Story Football over the NFL

While the NFL is certainly one of the most iconic sports events in the United States, some fans—despite being ardent NFL fans—are practically refusing to watch the match (despite truly wanting to watch it) because of how much it’s costing them.

Yet again, Disney and Disney+’s pricing is becoming a point of contention for fans who stressed to Disney that while they “would really love to watch early morning football, “they will not pay for ESPN+ on top of paying for ESPN as part of my streaming service.”

However, when one fan explained this, another jumped in to agree with the refusal to pay extra for ESPN+, adding that they’re watching the Toy Story version of the game because they already paid for Disney+.

Funnily enough, another fan shared how it would be hilarious if fans did, in fact, watch the Toy Story version instead of the real match due to price constraints. He explained,

it would’ve been quite hilarious if this Toy Story thing was the only way to watch the Vikings game today if ya didn’t want to buy ESPN+ but ya had Disney+

Many are speculating that this Toy Story football is the NFL’s way of trying to reach both the demographics of parents and children; Toy Story Meets the NFL is “NFL’s most ambitious attempt to reach kids and their parents.”

At the time of writing this article, the game score stands at Atlanta Falcons 7-20 Jacksonville Jaguars.

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