Disney Shares More Details on New Adventureland Treehouse!

Adventureland Treehouse Details
Credit: Disney

For more than two decades, Guests visiting Disneyland Resort could head into Adventureland in Disneyland Park and visit Tarzan’s Treehouse. The attraction originally opened as the Swiss Family Treehouse, but was rethemed when Disney released Tarzan in 1999. Tarzan’s Treehouse allowed Guests to climb high into the air and walk through the story of Tarzan. It was a beautifully detailed attraction, but as the popularity of Tarzan faded, the Treehouse attraction became less popular.

Tarzan's Treehouse Disneyland

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In September 2021, Guests were shocked as they walked through Adventureland and saw Tarzan’s Treehouse completely closed and blocked off. Disney hadn’t announced that the attraction was closing. Many thought that the attraction was undergoing refurbishment and would reopen after a short while. However, days turned into weeks and the Treehouse remained closed.  As time wore on, many thought that Disney might be converting the area into an Encanto-themed attraction, since Lin Manuel Miranda had confirmed one was in the works.

Tarzan's Treehouse Disneyland

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Finally, in November 2022, Disney finally revealed that the attraction would reopen sometime in 2023 as the Adventureland Treehouse. Not many details were given, but a new family’s story would be told.

Now, we finally have some more information! Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine recently shared more on the new Adventureland Treehouse. Irvine went into more depth as she spoke to passengers on the Disney Theme Parks Around the World private jet tour. The tour costs more than $100,000 per person and takes Guests to each Disney theme park. And they travel in style on a private jet and stay at Deluxe Resorts.

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According to Ms. Irvine, via The Orange County Register, the new Adventureland Treehouse will tell the story of a magical family of five who used their gifts to thrive in the jungle.

The new backstory for the rethemed Disneyland attraction finds the treehouse serving as a home to a family of five — each with a unique gift that helps them survive in the jungle.

The chef father has built a kitchen where meals cook themselves and “magical water” fed by a water wheel cools an ice box.

The musical mother has a player organ in her room that plays “Swisskapolka” in an homage to Disneyland’s original Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

The teenage daughter is an astronomer and astrologer whose room near the top of the treehouse is filled with diagrams of the stars and models of the universe.

The naturalist twin sons — one an animal lover and the other a plant lover — share a room filled with monkeys, toucans and man-eating plants.

Adventureland Treehouse Disneyland

Credit: Disney

We are nearly eight months into 2023, but Disney is still not ready to reveal when the Adventureland Treehouse will open. The Treehouse is located between Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones Adventure. Despite the attraction being closed, it has actually made maneuvering the area easier, as the large tree entrance has been removed.

Disney Fanatic will keep an eye on the Treehouse as more progress is made and will share when Disney finally sets an opening date.

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