Disney World Releases Statement as Tropical Storm Barrels Towards Resort

Disney World Hurricane Idalia Statement

We are already late into the month of August, which means that hurricane season is about to reach its peak. Luckily, this summer has been relatively calm — so far — and guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort haven’t had to change their plans because of wild weather. However, that will soon change with Tropical Storm Idalia. The storm is making its way toward the Sunshine State and is expected to turn into a hurricane before it makes landfall.

Tropical Storm Idalia

Credit: National Hurricane Center

Weather reports have indicated that Tropical Storm Idalia will become Hurricane Idalia when it hits Florida on Wednesday. It will be hitting the Gulf Coast first — as a predicted Category 3 storm — and will head towards Walt Disney World from the west. As with most hurricanes, it is expected to lose strength once it hits landfall, but could still bring intense wind and rain to The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Tropical Storm Idalia

Credit: National Hurricane Center

As with every other hurricane, Disney World officials are keeping a close eye on its movements. The Resort has practiced protocols in place and cast members know what to do to keep themselves and theme park guests safe. At 3 p.m. ET on August 28, Disney released the following statement:

Walt Disney World Resort is currently operating under normal conditions. We are closely monitoring the path of the projected weather as we continue to prioritize the safety of our Guests and Cast Members.

Disney World hurricane

Credit: Reddit/ u/MaxOwnage

Disney knows that some people may want to postpone their travel plans if a storm is on the way, so they do have certain policies in place for those who wish to reschedule. Per the Disney site, if the National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane warning for Walt Disney World Resort within seven days of a guest’s vacation, the guest may call Disney to reschedule without any penalty fees.

disney world guest complaints

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That hurricane cancellation policy applies only to guests who have booked directly through Disney. Those who have booked through a third-party vendor must contact that vendor and be responsible for any fees assessed by the vendor.

Central Florida is currently under a hurricane warning. So, if you are planning on traveling to Disney World in the coming days, it is important to keep a close eye on the weather. If you are thinking of rescheduling your theme park travel plans, then it is best to do so as soon as possible. Many guests might be doing the same thing, so be prepared to possibly have a wait when calling the Resort.

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