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Did You Know: Disney Is the World’s Second Largest Buyer of Explosives

It’s a surprising fact but is, in fact, true. Disney Park fans worldwide associate the name “Disney” with the ideas of magic, dreams, and happiness. In fact, The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort have each earned the moniker of “The Most Magical Place on Earth” and “The Happiest Place on Earth,” respectively. Between the incredible rides and attractions, the shows and parades, and the nighttime fireworks, it makes complete sense; however, of all that we associate with this name, a fun yet unexpected fact is that the Walt Disney Company is the world’s second-largest buyer of explosives, coming in second only after the Department of Defense.

Magic Kingdom Disney World

Disney characters Mickey and friends in front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

Whereas the explosives used by the Department of Defense are more militaristic in nature, as evident by the buyer, the ones that Disney buys are far more family-friendly. The Walt Disney Company is the second-largest buyer in the world of explosives, yes, but Disney’s explosives are fireworks.

Not only this, but Disney is also the world’s largest purchaser of fireworks altogether, shipping them from China every year.


Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Boardwalk Times

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Per recent reports, Walt Disney World spends an incredible amount of $40,000 on fireworks a night. Annually, this adds up to an enormous $50 million on average. The tradition of fireworks is one that dates back to 1956 and is one we have the founder, Walt Disney himself, to thank for.

beacons of magic animal kingdom

Beacons of Magic, Disney’s Animal Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

Suffice it to say, fireworks have been and continue to be some of the most beloved parts of the Disney experience and that is something any fan can attest to. So while it’s certainly a strange association, we’re glad the Disney chooses to spend the time and money making sure that fans can continue to enjoy this tradition.

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